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Why is it that convict, having paid their debt

to society are remembered for their wrongdoings

for the rest of their lives? For some, making that

life unbearable.

Yet, at the same time, companies are responsible for

crimes against humanity, make immense profits,

and all they need to pay are small fines with

a fraction of the profits made.

And their top managers are paid millions

for the crimes they have committed.

And our society, for the most part, forgets

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I know, I know this blog is meant to address writing. Well, I think this piece does exactly that. There is so much happening in this country that is a fountain of material for both fiction and non-fiction writers.
Our country has reached a new low in the environment, the lost trust of allies, the growing relationship with cruel dictators who think nothing of their people, yet telling the average citizen everything is fine. And some of us, luckily a minority, believe what they are told without searching for the facts. Because they are told the facts are not true because of the ‘fake news’. Then there is also the creation of ‘alternative facts’. And yet our administration is supposed to be believed, yet unfortunately, some do.
We have become a society of corruption at the top levels of government and industry. And they both feed off one another with no care for the damage they create for the citizens of this country. I think the reason many accept what is happening is because we have become lazy in seeking out the truth, and also, believing what we are told no matter what is right in front of us.
Without our knowledge, the seeds of failure for this country are sown every day. Soon they will sprout and deliver us into a future no one could imagine.
The rich grow beyond rich, while the poor, whose numbers constantly are increasing. We are told they are lazy and don’t deserve the benefits they receive. Some work two or three jobs and still can not support their family. There are many things wrong with this country. They can be solved but we need politicians and an administration with a conscience.
I am an old man and look back when problems I’m sure were hidden. But hidden or not I felt the future would improve life for all of us, all of us. But now we are involved in a culture of greed and loss of values. Is there any hope?

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Planes crash,

People die,

And industry

Gets slapped

On the wrist.








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We are nothing but a life-form created to appreciate that life, appreciate all life.

We have failed.

Through ignorance and greed, we have chosen profit before compassion.

destroying our world without concern for the implications.

Better luck next time.


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When you can buy
Anything you desire
Those possessions
No longer have

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When you can purchase whatever you desire

Those possessions no longer

Have value.p

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The recent tragedy in Florida should never have happened and the guilt is divided among many levels. The news speaks to this, I will not here.

To say this country’s desire of gun ownership and tolerance of the violence they cause is beyond comprehension. I’m not saying guns should be banned. The problem is determining who should be allowed to own them. That determination, as of now, is beyond the powers that be. To do this will take difficult decisions and our current government is not willing or able to make those decisions to protect our citizens.

I have come up with a solution.

Donate more money than the NRA is able to the campaigns of congressmen. If that is done change may be accomplished. The representatives of this country appear to put the continuation of their career before the welfare of the people they represent.

This is a sad situation, but I fear it is the truth.

February 18, 2018 at 1:14 am 2 comments


                                                    THE END


For our country,

I feel this

Is the beginning

Of the end.

And we

Are in part




I once used a line in a poem, ‘a sadness too deep to be real’.

It is becoming real.


There are still those full of poetry, stories and art. They struggle to survive and they always will. But greed has taken over this country.


The only comfort for me personally is that I will be dead when this great country’s dream is unrecognizable.





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                                                        PROFIT AND GREED


The solar eclipse will occur on August 21st and be visible across a great part of the nation.

This is a great opportunity to observe a magnificent spectacle. I am sure many children will take this opportunity to observe the event and maybe choose to study astronomy.

Taking this into consideration, I recently heard a report which sickens me. To observe this fantastic event, you must take caution. One of the devices you can purchase to protect your eyes, special glasses, for if you gaze at the eclipse with your eyes unprotected you stand the possibility of going blind.

I was a scientist and still enjoy reading about the unknown revealed by science. What sickens me is that I just learned that counterfeit glasses are being sold. Glasses which may render the unsuspecting buyer blind.

What is the profit gained by selling a pair of cardboard counterfeit glasses, when the cost to the unsuspected buyer may be blindness.

This is what we have become. A nation of greed, wanting to make money no matter what the cost to the individual.


August 3, 2017 at 11:37 pm 2 comments


The poor protest,

The rich fill their coffers,

Our society is controlled

By the 1%,

Greed buys politics

And controls our future.

July 15, 2017 at 11:22 pm 1 comment

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