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My consistent readers,

Folks, get those Nooks and Kindles ready, very soon I’ll have another eBook for you to read, well actually, it’s a new eStory.
Books to Go Now will be publishing The Crystals of Life. I’m going over the final edits now and will soon have them back into the hands of the publisher.
Here’s a hint: Martian samples; USE EXTREME CAUTION.
I bet you can’t wait. I’ll let you know when it’s available for your horrifying enjoyment.


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My saturated readers,

Once again we weathered (every pun intended) another natural disaster.
I was to accompany my wife, Joni, to visit our daughter, Lynn, on the farm outside of Pittsburgh where she is completing an internship and next year will be field manager.
I elected to remain home and await the visitor predicted to arrive Saturday, Irene.
I used every D battery in the house to power flashlights and a radio.
Our sunroom had enough candles around to hold a séance. Luckily, I did not need to light them, for being a writer of horror the ‘other side’ may have decided to pay me a visit.
The rain began Saturday afternoon and continued into the next day resulting in almost six inches. Sunday the wind began to howl. We did not lose power, and due to emergency gutter cleaning before Joni left, had no unwanted water in the house.
Our pup, Millie, was a wreck during the storm. I was glad I stayed behind to keep her company.
There are still areas close by that are flooded and lacking power; we survived unscathed.
I have been checking my supply of insect killer for I am sure the locusts are next to arrive.


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My shaky readers,

I’m sure you populate most of the world, and beyond, but locally I thought I’d inform you that here in West Chester, PA we just felt an earthquake.

Having lived in California for seven years, I knew what they felt like, but did not expect one here. In fact, I was waiting to hear the sound of sirens responding to some explosion.
But those who know me also know I’m a weather junkie. I happened to be tuned to the weather channel when our house began to shake. Also, I was looking out our front window at the birdfeeder which was swaying to and fro. The shaking began about 1:54PM and lasted about ten seconds.

What I found extremely interesting is that soon after the shaking ceased I received a phone call from a friend that had read my novel, New Moon Rising, which involves a great deal of geological activity. Could there be a sequel?

I also want to report that my study experienced earthquake damage, well, sort of. My study is stacked with books. A flea fart could bring down a pile of literature. I found a stack of books half tipped over. I’ll wait until my wife comes home and then restack the ten or so books. I will not contact our insurance company.

Waiting for aftershocks,

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My consistent readers,

Just wanted to let you know that Chester County Book & Music Company will be selling Curious Hearts, an anthology in which I have a novella, Elmo’s Sojourn.
Elmo is a retired scientist who putters around in his cellar, and accidently discovers how to time travel though wormholes. He journeys to a distant planet where he helps with a scourge that is plaguing the residents.

I also have had some positive results with my effort to publish my novel, The Beast Awaits. Nothing firm yet; I’ll keep you posted.

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My consistent readers,


I just received a royalties check from Books To Go Now.

Buying my beach house is still on the pilot light, and we have an electric stove, but at this point in my career, the important thing to me is that people are reading my work.
Last quarter, three people bought my story, Martian Rebirth. Fourteen bought Unholy Ground.

I first want to once again say thanks. I would also ask you, if you don’t mind, to post a comment on A comment would be appreciated whether you liked my stories or not. Writing is a lonely experience, and feedback is important.


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