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I first had this feeling whenever I saw Trump signing a new piece of legislation as all around him, Vic President Pence, Paul Ryan and others smiling and affirming their agreement, no matter

Dare they not?

I recall a meeting I once viewed of a meeting with Trump and his cabinet. Sitting around a table each member was given a chance to speak. The comments went around the table as each member present gave a glowing report of Trump’s presidency. Dare they do otherwise?

This recalled an image of Hitler. Reflections of his generals telling Hitler that all was fine as the world stumbled to chaos.


November 8, 2017 at 8:45 pm 2 comments


I hesitate to write this piece. Knowing human nature I am sure many will write articles about the tragedy in Los Vegas to express sorrow but a hidden reason, perhaps hidden from themselves, is to draw attention. With this in mind I write this article, not to draw attention but to voice an attitude I don’t understand. Therefore, I am not including any taglines for this piece. I don’t

When Sandy Hook occurred resulting in the death of twenty six and seven year olds, I thought things may finally change. That the nation would wake up to a wrong some hold dear. I have nothing against hunting. But who hunts with a semi-automatic weapon. Handguns are used to protect one’s family. But who needs a semi-automatic pistol to protect that family. I don’t understand how anyone can purchase a mass amount of weapons and not raise a red flag.

As I hear the numbers of fatalities I think this is not a shooting, this is the result of a plane crash. Then when I hear the number of fatalities and wounded, I think, this is not a shooting, this is on the level of a natural disaster. Unfortunately, this disaster is all too natural in our country.

October 3, 2017 at 2:03 am 2 comments


I fear our species

Is an experiment

To be eliminated

From our precious planet,

Greed and denial

Are the culprits,

Religions encourage

Our destruction,

Our mindset

Offers no help,

Our fate is sealed.

September 20, 2017 at 10:50 pm 1 comment


What is happening in Houston few of us will never comprehend unless we experience such a disaster. There are so many stories that need to be told, here are some.

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I know I promised to begin posts about writing which is the purpose of this blog. But my mind is ready to explode with what is happening to this country. Please forgive me for venting some pressure.

I have read stories of those who died trying to help relatives and friends during Hurricane Harvey. These are the true Americans, not the ones gaining exposure on the news with acts not even close to what this country was meant to represent.

Those who gave their lives for others with no want for publicity are more worthy of our attention and praise then those who represent everything this country is not.




September 3, 2017 at 12:21 am 1 comment


No matter how this county is fuc#ed up, there is still hope.

Americans still care for each other even if those who pull the strings of our lives don’t.

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It is getting tiring.

I have no doubt this will be labeled ‘fake news’.  All I can say is that our nation is in trouble.

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