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This a suggestion is suggestion for a writing project, either a short story or novel. There is something terribly wrong this country and there seems no way to fix it. Perhaps if readers experience, through fiction, the hurt, the sorrow being caused in this country something may happen. This is not the same country I remember as a child. Life has somehow lost its value. The slightest disagreement could end in death. Not long ago there were two mass shootings, one right after the other. Congress was not in session. Mitch McConnell said any action to be taken could wait. I wonder how many people died while Congress waited. But let’s be honest. Any action taken by congress would have little or no effect in solving the problem of guns. Our president said he would strengthen the gun laws of this country. A visit from the NRA changed his mind. The events experienced in Philadelphia during the past few days highlight the gun problem. Recently there were three events which indicate what a vicious society we have become. A mother was holding her two-year-old daughter IN HER HOUSE. Shots were fired and the child died, hit in the head. Can you imagine in that instant the anger, the fear and the hopelessness that mother experienced? I cannot imagine the sorrow that mother will experience for the rest of her life. Her innocent child denied a future by a senseless act committed by someone with no care for life or property. But this event is in no way unique. Every day, in this country, there are people gripped by the same emotions. Close to the same time, an eleven-month- old child was shot four times while sitting in a car seat. That poor child is now fighting to remain alive. The next day there was an argument between a man and his girlfriend. Two men intervened and asked the man arguing to go to his car and cool-down. Fifteen minutes later the man existed the car and shot these two men, trying to help, dead. These days trying to be of help could cost you your life. Life has become so cheap with the increased availability of guns. The NRA strives to defeat any law which would create a safer society. Who supplies the NRA with the money to accomplish their purpose? Could it be the gun industry putting profit over? How can we change this loss of life in our country? We can change it with our vote. We must elect people who will represent their constituents and not the organizations throwing money their way. We must elect those who have never accepted a dollar from the NRA. I know this is an impossible dream but something must be done. So, I say to writers write your hearts out and maybe you will reach the heart of this country.

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Why is it that convict, having paid their debt

to society are remembered for their wrongdoings

for the rest of their lives? For some, making that

life unbearable.

Yet, at the same time, companies are responsible for

crimes against humanity, make immense profits,

and all they need to pay are small fines with

a fraction of the profits made.

And their top managers are paid millions

for the crimes they have committed.

And our society, for the most part, forgets

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This world, this country, unfortunately has provide endless material for writers of fiction and nonfiction sorry, but I cannot help but think and express my thoughts. I know this blog is meant to aid writers in their journey to publication. At the same time, we writers must address the world.

In the future I will address these sites with details and how they can help

your writing experiences.






A powerful tool for finding publishers for nonfiction, fiction and poetry.

Also lists markets for visual arts. Their latest added category is agents. Costs $50 for a year’s membership.


Has markets for speculative fiction, science fiction.

Children’s Publishers Directory

If you want to publish for children, here is a good source.




Association of Author’s Representatives is the most trusted source of literary agents. These agents will not charge to read. If an agent does charge of read your work, run don’t walk away.

Agent Query


Absolute Water Cooler

A site to question other writers who have dealt with publishers or agents you are considering. They tell you of their experiences with these organizations.


Aid for Writers


This is a site for writers to connect with readers, and readers to connect with writers. Join, it’s free. You may have to explore this site to find i

Savvy Writers

This is another website for writers. Explore and find what you want. It’s free.

Manic Readers

I have used this site to get a free, honest review. Join this site. It’s free. To get a review you must be published by a publisher. No self-publishing. I have not recently looked at this site, but they apparently charge for reviews. This puts me off for if you pay for the review would be honest? Or will they give you a good review so you come back. It’s your decision.!!

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I had baseball caps made which said:





If you want one or more I will send them to you free of shipping while

supply or money lasts. I hope I need to have more made.

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Today like every other day a corruption is identified in either industry or government.

I grew up in the 50’ and 60’s when there weren’t any corrupt practices.


I’m sure they existed and cleverly concealed. The technology did not exist to easily reveal them. Money and intimidation played a major part in their secrecy.

Today, things are different. Every day new corruptions are revealed. And every day nothing of consequence happens.

Good lawyers and money are finding ways around the system. Or making their way through the system through donations to politicians.

I want to share my personal experience with a large company.

I worked for this company for 22 years, which constantly morphed into a different organization due to mergers. The final merger with a less than reputable company, which in reality, was a subtle takeover was the death nell of values I respected.

When I began my job with this company it was honest, focused on their products. But over time things changed. As with most companies the focus now is on the bottom line to please stockholders.

Day after day I hear company adds talking about their top managers on retreat to discuss the company’s culture.

Corporations provide pleasant surrounding for the top executives of the company to discuss the future of the company and to their culture.

The culture is the bottom line. If a company could produce a product which would benefit society but not be profitable, what would be the decision of this products future, I don’t have to tell you what the choice would be.

The company I worked for was once sued for over three billion dollars. They said they were not guilty, but would pay the fine to put this behind them.

Have you heard that before?

I feel today we all pawns. Our lives are manipulated by the 1% not caring about our lives or the country. Their object is wealth and power.

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This poem is based on an incident I cannot forget.

Grandpa, while on a cruise ship held his granddaughter

on the edge of a window looking out on the ocean.

The eighteen-month old child struggled and grandpa

lost his grip. And the child plummeted.

I cannot imagine what the remainder of the cruise

Was like for this family,

Guilt, sorrow and the hate, all these emotions

generated on a relaxing vacation.

I cannot imagine the thoughts this child had

as she fell, sure there was safety waiting for her.





The child’s thoughts


Sure welcoming arms

Awaited her,

The child’s thoughts,

The mystery of this event,

Too young

To make this lonely journey,

Waiting for safety

As you fall


Into the sea,

Into the abyss

To which we all must journey.


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I just stumbled upon a Trump rally in New Hampshire.

Don’t know when. It’s the content and body language

that matters.

I listened to his rhetoric, as always glorifying himself.

But I notice something different.

When he stepped away from the podium to listen to

the crowd roar their approval, I could imagine Hitler

doing the same movements.

Watch the rally and tell me I am wrong.

Fellow Americans, I think we are in big trouble.


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