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I don’t consider myself elderly, okay I am elderly. But the appreciation of this fact at the age of 71 comes with difficulty. At times, honestly, I don’t know what to feel or think. I feel a change will come, but when my mind wonders to reality, that is the residence of dreams. For my ‘mature’ followers am I alone in this thinking or is it a common transition of life?
Getting back to the purpose of this piece, how are my fellow writers dealing with this ever-changing world of technology?
I remember typing submissions along with carbon paper to make a copy, and sending every submission by snail mail. There was no other choice. Now I am overwhelmed by social media platforms. I consistently hear of social sites and have no idea what they do. As a writer, I should take advantage of the exposure these sites provide, but I don’t know how. I don’t know if they are necessary for my work or worth the effort. What is the value worth where every one has access to publish every work they produce? I’m making a leap here, much of which is below readability?
My form of technology in college was a slide rule. I once talked to a millennial about a slide rule. She had no idea what idea what a slide rule was. Never heard of the computation device ‘early man’ used.
I read the Sunday supplements and see ads for electronic devices. Not do I not know what they are, but I have no idea what they do. Bluetooth is still a mystery to me, and what is its advantage. This is the same thought I have of the latest ‘advances’ of the fascinating world of technology and I appreciate the benefits they provide mankind, but they still remain a mystery to me.

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I know, I know this blog is meant to address writing. Well, I think this piece does exactly that. There is so much happening in this country that is a fountain of material for both fiction and non-fiction writers.
Our country has reached a new low in the environment, the lost trust of allies, the growing relationship with cruel dictators who think nothing of their people, yet telling the average citizen everything is fine. And some of us, luckily a minority, believe what they are told without searching for the facts. Because they are told the facts are not true because of the ‘fake news’. Then there is also the creation of ‘alternative facts’. And yet our administration is supposed to be believed, yet unfortunately, some do.
We have become a society of corruption at the top levels of government and industry. And they both feed off one another with no care for the damage they create for the citizens of this country. I think the reason many accept what is happening is because we have become lazy in seeking out the truth, and also, believing what we are told no matter what is right in front of us.
Without our knowledge, the seeds of failure for this country are sown every day. Soon they will sprout and deliver us into a future no one could imagine.
The rich grow beyond rich, while the poor, whose numbers constantly are increasing. We are told they are lazy and don’t deserve the benefits they receive. Some work two or three jobs and still can not support their family. There are many things wrong with this country. They can be solved but we need politicians and an administration with a conscience.
I am an old man and look back when problems I’m sure were hidden. But hidden or not I felt the future would improve life for all of us, all of us. But now we are involved in a culture of greed and loss of values. Is there any hope?

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President Trump,

Would you object to someone grabbing Melania’s pussy?

Have you thought of or grabbed Ivanka’s pussy?

I understand you think Ivanka is hot.

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I wrote this piece on November, 8th, but I thought I would bring it to you.


We have gotten to the point that whomever wins, we are in trouble. Both candidates are dishonest, but one is a psychopath which, because of the poor state of our government, is able to run for president.

Let’s get our act together and wrestle government from big money. I know this is a dream, but we must continue to right so many wrongs which control our lives.

This country is in trouble, and no matter your beliefs, we must somehow find a way to create a government which works for everyone, and keeps the interest of our country first.

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With the latest developments, I sincerely hope those who still think Trump would make a good president have filled out their organ donor cards.

For surly, they are brain-dead.


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I will soon get back to the true purpose of this blog, aiding writers. I have pieces planned for ideas for science fiction stories, (I have too many ideas to work. You are welcome to use what I describe. You won’t be disappointed.), sites to publish and a host of websites for finding agents. But first, I had to get this off my chest.

This is food for thought. For a writer of nonfiction or fiction, here are situations which, unfortunately, are not fiction.

Banks are destroying the country yet say that regulations are too strict, just think Wells Fargo when you consider that the regulations for these institutions are too strict.

Pharmaceutical companies are selecting products individuals need to survive and increasing prices for no other reason than to increase profits. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry and realize the cost that goes into making a drug. I have seen projects that have failed, after many years of effort. Some of this cost is passed onto the consumer to pay for projects the do work. But when the price for a product is set, and it is suddenly raised, the purpose of the increase is nothing but greed.

Where or what is the policy which can reduce greed. CEOs constantly complain of too much regulation. But it is these very individuals profiting from the control they have, especially through political contributions, who reap the profits as the public reaps the pain.

Are we totally lost, or is there a way out of this atmosphere which grips our country?

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Can someone explain this to me?

Wells Fargo Bank have committed unspeakable wrongs. Having been caught they fire more than 5000 people who the company compelled them to do or face firing.

These people are now scrambling to find a way to continue their lives. I’m sure some family tragedies will result from this senseless event.

Yet, the woman who oversees, directly, the section involved walked away with a 100 million dollar package.

Where the hell is the justice in this country? And where the fuck is the justice?   

September 24, 2016 at 9:03 pm 1 comment

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