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Reading a James A Michener novel returns the reader to a time of innocence, and provides an engrossing story.  A time when writing a novel was more than flash and sex, when story and content were of prime importance.  These are the feelings I came away with after reading Michener’s novel, Caribbean.  The amount of research he puts into his novels is truly astounding.  He uses these fact and weaves a compelling story around the backbone of history.

It’s been a long time since I read one of Michener’s works.  My favorite, which I read in my youth, was The Source.  This novel follows the excavation of a well in the Middle East, recording the civilizations and people who existed in the area of the well from the bottom-most layer to the present, the present at least at the time of the writing of this novel.

Caribbean, published in 1989, employs Michener’s standard method, using a vast amount of research to describe the civilizations and populations, the hopes and horrors of the people involved with the area.  At the same time creating a story and characters that will hold your interest and provide knowledge of the area.

Returning to the first line of this article.  I must say that I am guilty of using more profanity in a short story than Michener uses in a 600+ page novel.  How times have change and continue to do so, rapidly.

If you haven’t read any of Michener’s works, give yourself and treat and do so.

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Tis the season of politics, starting early and earlier with each election.

Just a short comment.  Your vote does count, but you have no control over who you will eventually be voting for.  That fabled ‘1%’ will make that decision for you and determine you options.

I read in the Washington Post on 8/1/15, that more than 50 individuals and entities (?) have given at least one million dollars apiece to super PACs, backing specific candidates.  Nearly half given to a group aligned with Jeb Bush.

So your vote counts, but what filters down to ‘our level’ is predetermined by money.

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Trump reinforces the premise, ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’.

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