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I have just finished the final draft of my novel, The Beast Awaits, and have once again started looking for an agent who would accept this book.
The reason for this update is that I find that the approach one must take has changed. In the past, you were able to search the website for The Association of Authors Representatives
for an agent. That is no longer the case.
I now find that the best site to search is Agent Query. is where I recommend that you go first.
As always, do your homework! After you’ve settled on an agent to contact, go to Absolute Water Cooler and Predators and Editors.

Good luck, and wish me the same.

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My reluctant readers,

As promised, here is another published poem.

For fifteen years a small press in Saddle Brook, New Jersey selected one or two of my poems to be published in their annual anthology. This poem was the first, published in 1974 in the anthology, Echoes of the Unlocked Odyssey

The Distant Jewel

Shimmering diamonds in the distance,
Gleaming pearls on an ebony sea,
The city lies ahead
Made lovely by the night and the span of miles,
Those who know her close
Have seen her decay,
Known her avenues littered
The debris of progress
The broken spirit of man.

Distance lends to a hazy beauty,
Close inspection

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My reluctant readers,

As promised, here is the first of my ancient published poems. This piece was published in The Clover Collection of Verse, 1976.

This poem has the distinction of being the only work for which I earned money. Not here, but published in another poetry periodical, someone liked the poem and sent me a dollar. Somewhere in our attic storage area, along with over twenty years of accumulated ‘stuff’ that dollar resides. It keeps company with a mound of rejection letters.

I hope you enjoy this effort of my ‘relative youth’.


Friendless you toiled with palette and brush,
Forlorn amidst wheat fields with only mad rush
Of flying crows to mark the day,
Crossed paths unite yet yield no safe way,
Fulfillment pursued beneath sorrowful skies
Painting with troubled soul that once cries
Out for love yet finds only torment,
Thus your life spent.
Tramping through fields of cypress and corn
With stars and suns swirled in a morn,
Hatband-held candles yield flickering light
Sustaining your soul one last starry night,
Rooks swirled in violet a soul hungers still,
Standing alone – the wheat field revielded.

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My reluctant readers,

Here is what I am up to and what you might expect in the future.

I have quit my part-time job and am now a full-time writer. Hopefully, that means you will have more to read on this site.

My novel, New Moon Rising, was due to be published by Midnight Showcase in January. Midnight Showcase is closing this December, and morphing into Mélange Books. I have signed a new contract so my book should still be published. I will keep you updated.

What I am really excited about is other novel that has now been edited and rewritten; The Beast Awaits is the title. Once I get what is necessary together, query letter, synopsis, stuff like that I will start trying to find a publisher.

To keep you occupied while this is in the works, I shall entertain you with some poetry. What the vast majority of the world does not know, and with good reason, is that I spent more than thirty years thinking I was a poet. During that time, I published poems in extremely insignificant anthologies. I am boldly going to share those poems with you.

Look for the heading, Published Poems. I can feel the anticipation.

Take care my friends,

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