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Once powerful men

Thought nothing

Of touching a woman’s ass

Her breasts

Violating her dignity,

They now find

That their acts

Are biting them

In the ass.

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Looking Back,

Have you ever


You were young


With what

You know






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                                      BARCLAY FRIENDS SENION CENTER


I will get back on track, I promise, to the purpose of this blog. I already have subjects lined up, but events happen that I feel I my voice, events which I cannot ignore. Here is one of them.

Here, in West Chester, Pennsylvania there occurred a fire springing to five alarms. I might add that this a rural area where all the firefighters are volunteers. Great men and women deserving a great deal of praise for providing their life-saving service.

The fire last night was at Barclay Friends Senior Center, filled with residents in assisted living and various levels of independence. Some 100 residents were evacuated with 20 injuries. No deaths have yet been reported. Firefighters did an excellent job, along with the residents of the area helping all they could. Reflecting the value of a small community and a commitment to their fellow residents.

The reason for this article is the mementos lost. Memories lost to the elderly population of this complex. Surely they had in their small residence all they thought of value after their long life. Now all that – gone. Lost memories not rekindled unless they embrace a physical part of that history.

I think of the unbelievable destruction by the recent wildfires in California. Where so many families lost everything they owned, including their past.

These are tragedies I hope to God I never experience. And my friends, I have the same hope for you.   


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                                                    THE END


For our country,

I feel this

Is the beginning

Of the end.

And we

Are in part




I once used a line in a poem, ‘a sadness too deep to be real’.

It is becoming real.


There are still those full of poetry, stories and art. They struggle to survive and they always will. But greed has taken over this country.


The only comfort for me personally is that I will be dead when this great country’s dream is unrecognizable.





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The truth

Will be hidden

As we are


By the lies.

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I have the dreams

Of a young man,

Denying my age

In my fantasy.

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Vanishing Tracks

This poem may respond to many people. Thanks for your strength for your loved ones, gone but still here to love.

Translations from the English


Doris Marie Lawson Schwaner, 7/3/1939 – 11/8/2017

I wrote this for my mother a little over six years ago. She’d been battling Alzheimer’s disease for several years. I heard her voice yesterday afternoon and she heard mine, thanks to my sister. 

Vanishing Tracks (II)

What is resilient in us is resistant to memory
When the memory goes she will be some other self
Still resilient to the sailing light and shadow
And hungers and exhaustions of love
Made maybe even more immediate

When the resilience goes what is that then

When the resistance goes what is that

Just outside her heart she hears a sound in the night
I am out there knocking on the dusty porch
I have brought a friend with me
When she opens the door will she see herself
Holding my hand?

Do you remember when the car door opened up
As you drove and I…

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What’s done is done

I can’t go back

To right the wrongs

To heal the wounds.

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I first had this feeling whenever I saw Trump signing a new piece of legislation as all around him, Vic President Pence, Paul Ryan and others smiling and affirming their agreement, no matter

Dare they not?

I recall a meeting I once viewed of a meeting with Trump and his cabinet. Sitting around a table each member was given a chance to speak. The comments went around the table as each member present gave a glowing report of Trump’s presidency. Dare they do otherwise?

This recalled an image of Hitler. Reflections of his generals telling Hitler that all was fine as the world stumbled to chaos.


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Science and Magic are Two Sides of the Same Coin

I thought some of my fellow writers would enjoy this post.

A Writer's Path

by Ryan Decaria

After much contemplation about writing magic systems, I’ve decided on a new writing philosophy. These guides work for me, but should in no way be considered “writing rules”.

  1. In fantasy, I’m going to treat my magic systems like a science
  2. In science fiction, I’m going to treat my “pushed” science like magic

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