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This coming Saturday, 2/14/15, I will be joining a group of local writers at the Atglen Public Library in Atglen, PA. The address for the library is 413 Valley Ave., Atglen, PA and will be from 12PM – 3PM.

I will be signing my novel, New Moon Rising, along with two anthologies, Curious Hearts and Spellbound 2011, where my stories appear. For those on a tight budget, I will also be giving away my short story, The Gig of a Lifetime, published in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal.

Come meet the authors and perhaps buy a book.

See you Saturday.

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I’ve mentioned Elmo in the past. He exists as a figment of my imagination. One that I’ve grown to know over the years since he was first created. He began life as a short story, but due to his thirst for adventure, he grew into a novella, Elmo’s Sojourn. In this story he is a retired Los Alamos scientist experimenting in his cellar when he stumbles on a method of space travel through wormholes. This novella will be available as an eBook released next February by Melange Books. For those who can’t wait, Elmo’s Sojourn is already available now in an anthology, Curious Hearts, also published by Melange Books.
I decided for Elmo to have more adventures, but during his earlier years while working at Los Alamos resulting in another novella, Elmo’s Invention. In this episode he sets out to invent a time machine. His machine works, but not as he had anticipated and results in a caustic response from the public. This novella is in the editing process and will hopefully find a home.
I will continue to follow Elmo into his youth.

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Good news!
My novella, Elmo’s Sojourn, already published by Melange Books in their anthology, Curious Hearts, will be released as an eBook.
The projected date of release is February of 2014.
Elmo is a character I’ve grown to love. He began life in a short story which grew into a novella due to my curiosity. I wanted to know what would happen to him in his other-worldly adventure.
In Elmo’s Sojourn, Elmo is a retired Los Alamos scientist who tinkers in his cellar with used scientific gear gleaned from Los Alamos dumpsters. He invents a way to travel through wormholes and begins an adventurous life on a distant planet.
I’ve since written another novella, Elmo’s Invention, in which Elmo is a young scientist recently married and working in his cellar on a time machine with unexpected results. Hopefully, more of Elmo’s life and adventures will follow.

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My consistent readers,

I thought I’d touch base after some of disturbing medical update I’ve recently shared. For the most part, I’m back to normal. I’m feeling fine although I am one enough pills that I could open up my own pharmacy, but as time goes by the number should diminish.

As far as my writing is concerned, I’m working on a new short story and a novella featuring Elmo. Elmo has already appeared in a novella published by Melange Books in their anthology, Curious Hearts. I’ve also submitted two short stories for which I am still awaiting a reply and a host of poems which have all been rejected.

I’ll keep in touch. I hope you will too.

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My consistent readers, and all others that might tune-in,


I hope you all have a prosperous New Year, and more important, that you accomplish what you set out to do.

I must admit that I spent most of New Year’s Eve and part of New Year’s Day tuned to the SYFY channel. For years now they run a Twilight Zone marathon for the New Year.
I’m addicted to the shows. The special effects, what few there are, are laughable, but these shows were made before the age of computers when special effects were second to the story. The writing and story lines are so wonderful. I remember when I was a kid that short story anthologies of Twilight Zone stories were published, and I would devour them.

Well, enough about me, wrong. Me is why this blog exists. I am writing this piece to tell you of my upcoming projects, what you will see and my plans for this year.

Books To Go Now will soon publish two of my stories, Cat’s Eyes which is a horror offering and Second Chance a science fiction piece.
This year I will hopefully find a publisher for my novel, The Beast Awaits. The story concerns stem cell research and the environment. Who wouldn’t want to read such a work?
I’m also working on a novella which follows a character I created, Elmo, in his younger years. Elmo first appeared in a novella entitled Elmo’s Sojourn which appeared in the anthology, Curious Hearts, published by Mélange Books.
Finally, I will attempt to publish a chapbook of my poetry, all of which has been published on this blog.
There are also a host of short stories and another novel, Sweet Depression, which I hope to edit.

That is what I hope you have an opportunity to read and what I hope to accomplish this year. I hope life treats you well and we spend another fulfilling year together.


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My consistent readers,

Here is a link to questions answered by authors of Curious Hearts.

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Recently, a Mélange Books author asked questions of the authors with stories published in the anthology Curious Hearts. My question was, ‘Name the most famous person you had a face to face encounter with’. I thought I would share my response with you.

I pondered those considered ‘famous’ that I have met, and I came to a conclusion. Fame is relative. In some circles, a name wins instant recognition. In other circles, the same name would bring the response, “Who?”

For example, during my research career, while working at three medical schools, studying renal physiology I met many world famous nephrologists and scientists. However, unless you were familiar with the area, their names would be meaningless.

I volunteer at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum and work at their annual air show. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to shake hand with Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
I also met Robert Morgan, the pilot of the Memphis Belle one of the most famous bombers of World War II. But to the younger generation, these names might be meaningless.

Our local bookstore, The Chester County Book & Music Company, where I had a book signing for my novel, New Moon Rising, hosts many authors. There I met Jane Smiley, but if you’re not a reader that name will bring no recognition.

For seven years I lived in West Los Angeles while working at the UCLA School of Medicine. In that area of Los Angeles, you are constantly stumbling over celebrities.
One evening, while walking back from dinner with my wife and two friends, this literally occurred. It was in the early 1980’s, and as we walked home from dinner at a local restaurant, we walked past an eatery that was an expensive establishment. There, standing on the sidewalk all alone was a short old man smoking an immense cigar. We had just walked by George Burns.
My most memorable encounter occurred around 1980. I was single then and lived next to a very mysterious woman. She would leave Los Angeles for extended periods of time and ask me to pay her bills. The strange thing was; her return date was open-ended.
One summer Saturday afternoon, after a morning of fishing at Malibu Pier, she knocked at my door and asked for a ride. Clothed in an old sleeveless sweatshirt, I said sure. I loaded my neighbor and her luggage into my VW beetle. Following her directions, I soon found myself in the hills north of Sunset Blvd with my bug passing past mansions.
We pulled into a circular drive, announce our presence, and were met by servants. I brought my neighbor’s suitcase in, and while standing in the foyer, she came in. Wearing a bathrobe and a towel around her hair, strode Peggy Lee. My neighbor was going to be her companion while she was doing a show in New York.

Those are the famous people I have met, and as time marches on, their names fade into the past, to be replaced by those who now bask in glory, but will all too soon fade into the past themselves.
Walt Trizna

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My consistent readers,

Both of you, JUST KIDDING.

I’m posting a review of the anthology, Curious Hearts, submitted to GOODREADS.


4 of 5 stars
Read from September 13 to 20, 2011


Anthologies are interesting. You get a wide range of stories and styles. Curious Hearts was no exception. Seven authors contributed to the collection, with a common theme of tough choices involving love. Within the pages were tales of time-travel, space travel, the draw toward old lovers, experimenting with new love, and a near-death experience.

Each story showcased the author’s unique voice. I particularly enjoyed that some of them didn’t end quite the way you’d expect. The choices that had to be made were gut-wrenching at times. There was also a good share of humor in several of these.

Some of the best unexpected twists and humor were found in Jane Carver’s “A-mazing Shift”, Walt Trizna’s “Elmo’s Sojourn”, and Jenny Twist’s “Doppelganger”. But, you’ll have to read it yourself if you want to pick your own favorites.

Because of some very explicit sexual content in the stories “Mission to Doom” and “Bi-Curious Wife”, I recommend this book for adults only

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My consistent readers,

Just wanted to let you know that Chester County Book & Music Company will be selling Curious Hearts, an anthology in which I have a novella, Elmo’s Sojourn.
Elmo is a retired scientist who putters around in his cellar, and accidently discovers how to time travel though wormholes. He journeys to a distant planet where he helps with a scourge that is plaguing the residents.

I also have had some positive results with my effort to publish my novel, The Beast Awaits. Nothing firm yet; I’ll keep you posted.

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