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The more I read Barbara Kingsolver’s work, the more I become a fan. She has the great ability to providing information on global trends that may affect us all, speculating on their future impact possibly with earth-shattering results while weaving a page-turner of a story with individuals you learn to love and care for.

In her latest work, Flight Behavior, she does an admirable job in combining a topic of major scientific investigation and speculation, climate change, with a fantastic event, all the while creating characters whose lives intertwine with the events showing how the changing world can alter our daily existence.

I don’t want to go into the story in any detail for that would reveal the pivotal event of the book on which the story balances. I just want to encourage past readers of her work to read Flight Behavior and those who have yet to discover this talented writer, give it a try. You can’t go wrong.

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This short post will surely tell what I was doing today.

I firmly believe, if someone out there wants to be awarded a Nobel Prize, category yet to be determined, they should delve into the electric logic of Christmas lights. Here is the problem to be solved. What is the logic behind these strands of insanity? They light in the garage, yet when taken into the outside environment will not illuminate. I have recently discovered a new phenomenon with my indoor tree, lights one fine are now dimmed. What demented spirit governs these strands of torment?

Am I the only one that thinks there is some demon lurking to do me wrong?

You’ll hear from me again, I know you will as the lights chose their own fate.

Time to watch the Eagles’ game.

What is that noise?  Sounds like some demented Christmas bells.

I’m sure you’ll hear

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As usual, I’m way behind the curve in becoming familiar with the important authors of the genres in which I’m most interested and participating in, namely science fiction and horror. The problem is, I’m interested in so many different types of works; mystery, historical fiction, literary works. Also nonfiction; biographies, military history to name a few. My stacks of to-be-read books sometimes gets quite ridiculous, as the list of my interests goes on and on.

Not long ago, I picked up my first work written by Walter Mosley and now I’m hooked on the guys writing having read a few Easy Rawlins and Leonid McGill mysteries, two compelling characters. Once you get into his mysteries it’s hard to stop, but then again, why should you?

Some time ago, while on a bookstore expedition, I notice a book my Mosley, Love Machine/Step Stone. Not even reading the blurb about the short novels, I added it to my stacks. There it sat for quite a few months until a few days ago when I decided to give it a try.

Published in 2013 by Tor, I was amazed to find that they were two short science fiction novels. I know I’m probably the last to discover that Mosley wrote science fiction, but just in case there is one more of you out there lacking in this knowledge, I thought I’d write this article. Both works are complex and well written contributions to the genre.

Love Machine is nothing you would expect from its title. Rather, it centers on a device used to merge individual psyches, and that’s just the start. I finished this book in one night and defy you to put it down once you begin turning pages.

Stepping Stone takes you on a fantastic ride, starting slow with a ‘special needs’ man. The pace quickens as you find both of these observations, ‘special needs’ and man, stand on shaky ground bringing you to a conclusion you never see coming.

If you enjoy reading science fiction with a twist, or are a Walter Mosley fan, definitely give these short works a try.

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I posted my poem, Phantasy, on ( they changed the title) and got a pretty good response so I thought I’d repost it for those new to my blog.

Perhaps you might be induced to check some of my other poems.

First published by New Worlds Unlimited in 1981.


Sickness pervades this cloistered sphere

this world he calls his own.

Mutterings leap with meanings unclear

crying a message unknown.

Shadowy thoughts revoke the day

God gave his hand, then turned away.

Come see the shell that isn’t a man,

muse at this poor wretched fool.

Look to his eyes a moment and then

Depart his mad vestibule.

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