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I mentioned this book in my last entry. I’ve finished reading it and what a ride. The author’s imagination and depth of knowledge are beyond belief. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and all its wonderful turns. It was not an easy read but I held on and the trip was worth it.

The author dealt; to a minor degree, with post humans but the changes which rapidly occurred with humans was enough to keep the book humming.

I’ve read some about post humans. There are those that theorize that they already exist; that our lives are some sort of SIMS game which they control at their pleasure. With all the dark matter, wormholes and unknowns in the universe there are plenty of places for them to hide.

I continue with my ‘what if’ moment. What if there are post Martians? The possibility that Mars once has water continues to grow with all the observations that our probes make. That water may have supported life, using our chemistry models of life, or a beast of a totally different nature. And since their civilization may be extremely ancient, perhaps they have crossed over to pure intelligence.

I have explored some of these ideas in my stories. I include a link if someone would like to see how I handle the subject. The Crystals of Life and Martian Rebirth are the stories I would like you to read in connection with this piece. Of course, I would like you to read every word I publish. I am still a dreamer.

I will continue to ruminate on this subject so you have not heard the last.

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If you are interested in space science at all you are definitely aware of the landing of Curiosity on Mars. For the landing of this rover the artist’s concept appeared like something that might be the cover of a pulp science fiction publication.


With the platform, with thrusters firing, hovered over the Martian landscape and lowered Curiosity to a soft landing. Imagine that happening in your back yard, a craft coming from another planet.

As I assume you know by now, I write science fiction. My mind immediately engaged in the ‘what if mode.’ As a writer, it is your obligation to also be a reader. I am currently reading a novel, accelerando, by Charles Stross. It is a fantastic read and I encourage all science fiction readers to read it. The author deals with the advancement of post humans and The Singularity. The concepts in this novel are fantastic and I will talk about them in the future.

I also have another book, The Singularity Is Near, by Ray Kurzweil. This is a work of nonfiction and deals with the mating of computer technology and mankind. This is another book which I will discuss in the future.

But now to my ‘what if’ moment. I can imagine Mars covered with cells below the surface, ether one cell deep or millions deep, it doesn’t matter. What if Mars is one massive intelligence? If you read the books I have mentioned, you will gain a concept of post humans and The Singularity.  There is the theory of post humans, what if post martians exist?

My mind wanders, to a  story, where the entire planet is an intelligence and is waiting for communication.

My readers, I hope this opens an appreciation of science and a desire to read science fiction.

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