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I’ve had trouble writing lately after hitting on of life’s speed-bumps, but I’m slowly getting back in the groove. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about my recent work, there will be more to come soon. Below you will find a brief description and where the story stands.

BEETLE MANIA: This is my most recent story. Let’s just say, if you have a fear of beetles this story should increase that fear about 1000%. But you’ll enjoy the journey. This story is still in the editing stage.

PET’S REVENGE: The title speaks for the story. The story takes the term ‘Despicable’ the title of a recent animated movie and raises it to a level where it belongs. This story is now making the publisher rounds.

CLIFF’S NOTE: A work of science fiction, this story concerns an alien abduction – in the year 1889. This work is also off to a publisher.

That’s about it. My next communication will be about a work that is far from my usual genre.

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I’ve been thinking lately about George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984, and how the current state of affairs is starting to mimic his invasion of privacy. I remember, after reading his novel sometime in the 1960’s, ‘Big Brother’ would be determining every aspect of our lives. We still have many freedoms, but we are all being watched, to some extent. Let me explain.

Nineteen Eighty Four came and went and we were all free to live our lives as we wanted. Free of sinister observations, free to think and write what we wanted in total privacy free of no outside intrusions. Now compare those freedoms with what 2015 brings. Hence the title of this piece.

First, let me just mention the NSA. Thanks to Snowden and his leaks, an action which I don’t condone, we have learned, to some extent, the degree to which we are monitored. I may not be the sharpest knife in the draw, but with all the remedies they issue to right this wrong, I don’t know what they’re doing now.

An even larger violation of our privacy is the internet. We all cherish our computers, well maybe not cherish them, but in this day and age could not live without them. Through the internet, they provide a link to the world never thought possible, especially by us ‘mature’ adults. But that link, more and more is a two-way street. As we accumulate information from the world, the world accumulated information about us. And sometimes the way that information is used, is not beneficial to our wellbeing.

The electronic world we now occupy is full of opportunities for those who desire to tap into our lives. Look at the Target episode. Look at the latest revelation that millions of federal employees had their personal information. The revelations of the invasion of our privacy is relentless

I chuckle when I hear advertisements from companies vowing to protect your privacy. But during the ad, they subtlety add ‘That no one can prevent all hacking’, or something to that effect. So what is the use?

Then there are the ever-present cameras. All of us, outside the comfort of our homes, are constantly subject to observation and our every action recorded. Just about every business, and now many homes, have cameras monitoring 24/7. I find it amusing when someone decides to commit a crime, and unless they are hideously disguised, there image is captured, sometimes from multiple angles. Often the pictures are better than what appears on their driver’s license.

Think of this every time you venture from your home, your life and actions will probably be documented at some point. Here I’m not even considering the above cameras, but the existence of the ever-present cellphone. With this device you have the ability to not only record what you want, but also to post it for the world to see. With no filters that I know of.

In conclusion, let me say that we do not live in the world of 1984. But as far as personal privacy goes, we are not far from it.


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Now Donald Trump is bad-mouthing Senator McCain for being captured during the Viet Nam war. I’d like to see Trump’s military record.

We all have freedom of speech, and obviously, the freedom of stupidity.

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Millie’s Eyes

I look into Millie’s eyes

And undying love shines through,

Unconditional love,

True love.


I look into Millie’s eyes

And devotion shines through,

No matter what I am

She’ll be mine.


I look into Millie’s eyes

And often turn away,

The glare of knowledge

Behind those eyes is frightening.


I look into Millie’s eyes

And say ‘I love you’,

And she returns her love

By offering me her paw.

For those who may be interested, there is a picture of Millie under the heading ‘Constant Companion’.

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