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I salute those youthful individuals who toil daily for the love of their art. Jack Kerouac banging out On The Road on his endless roll of paper not knowing where that work would lead. For hundreds, thousands of Jacks the road is a dead-end. They are the unsung heroes of their art hoping the nod of someone of power, the recognition that never comes. You shall remain unknown, taking your work to your graves.
I began my fiction writing career thirteen years ago when well into my fifties. I stumbled upon this career by accident. Beginning with writing a memoir, I soon turned to short stories and finally novels. While beginning this chapter in my life, I had already been a scientist for twenty years and well established in that profession. Thankfully my two careers overlapped and when a lay-off raised its ugly head five years ago, I became a full-time writer. Since beginning my writing career I have published more than twenty-five short stories and one novel. I’m just getting started for I have two more novels written and a host of short story ideas. Yet, with all this under my belt, some who know me think I ‘just dabble’, that writing is my hobby. None of them know the terror of the blank page or computer screen, but you do my young and young-at-heart friends.
This reflection of my past and present is to contrast the path I took to writing with those who early on decided that putting down in words their thoughts and products of their imagination was the purpose of their life. They take any job available to support their profession, a profession where they can well spend hundreds of hours not knowing if they will make a penny.
You have chosen a lonely profession. For when you take up your pen or sit before your keyboard there is only you and your thoughts. That loneness is the great equalizer between the known and unknown writer.

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Today I lost a good friend and fellow writer, Nancy Schmitt. I first met Nancy years ago when she joined The Wordwrights, a writers group I belong to.
I grieve that she is gone, but at the same time, feel joy for having been able to know her as a friend.
Nancy wrote for local organizations and newspapers. She was also the author of multiple books about a local small town, Malvern. She loved researching Malvern’s history and the lives of its residents.
Nancy died in a hospice inpatient unit. This was my first experience knowing someone who chose hospice and found it to be a rewarding experience in that you had time to say your good-byes in a comfortable controlled environment.
Nancy, you will be missed but will always remain in our hearts.

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An underwater volcano off the Japanese coast has just risen up and formed an island. The second island the Ring of Fire has created through volcanic activity in just weeks. The Ring of Fire is active once again.
In my novel, New Moon Rising, unknown volcanoes on the ocean’s floor build on their eruptions and make their way to the surface forming islands, unleashing massive destruction.
Volcanic and seismic activity leads the world to an event unparalleled in geologic history.
New Moon Rising is also a love story between two brothers caught up in the maelstrom and the women in their lives. Finally, the story is the love of a Hawaiian and his land, a land he refuses to leave no matter what the consequences.
Read New Moon Rising and see the future?

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Many of us blog on a regular basis, or in my case, I visit on a rather irregular one. Yet how many of us pause to ponder the power attached to what we are doing? We are displaying, not only to our friends and acquaintances but to the entire world and perhaps beyond (my science fiction side is showing), our thoughts and sometimes emotions. What we consider important.
This realization crept into my brain when I used a relatively new feature provided by WordPress. It allows you to view the hits your blog has produced around the world. Granted, for me, the vast majority of views listed are countries in which only a solitary person read my blog, but that means in that remote corner of the world my voice was heard. Heady stuff. So for me, as my thoughts sail into infinity – and beyond, I will strive to make them clear, concise and worthy of your time.

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