Recently, about a year ago or so I was invited to the reunion of the 50th anniversary of my high school graduating class. Called by a guy I vaguely remembered, we talked about our lives and about my attendance. I said I would not.
Here are the reasons.
I had a crush on a few girls. Admiring their slender bodies, those wonderful maturing bodies with developing breasts and legs of infinite beauty. I shared friendships with guys who shared my interests. We all were young looking to the future.
Honestly, I do not want to know if those young, hopeful classmates fulfilled their dreams. How the world treated their hopes. I do not want to know of the failed marriages, the disappointing careers, the lives spent in no way matching what they planned. And perhaps I do not want them to know how my life and dreams came to fruition not planned.
Avoiding the reunion, gives me the opportunity to preserve the memory of those youthful smiles, faces full of hope and dreams. I do not want those visions erased by the reality of the elderly remnants of a past gone. And foremost, I do want the knowledge of those who have died.
This is a weakness.
When I have a dear friend dying, I visit while we can talk about passed experiences. While we can talk about life but never their thoughts of what comes next.
I have no desire to gaze upon the reality of life while remembering the past while those I held dear are they nothing but shells waiting for the end. I want to remember them, all of them, with eyes to the future, not how that future dealt with their dreams.

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                                     IN THE END, WHO SHOULD PAY?


Here I go again, off topic. But I’ll get back, eventually. It’s just that our world is changing so quickly that I must take notice.

I feel we are no longer citizens of this great country, but pawns subject to the musings of those in power who are subject to the money of those with vast amounts of money.

Here goes a radical change in topic, if you keep up with what is happening, you may think I am presidential material?

These days the news is alive with stories of sexual harassment. Respected figures, and some less respected, are falling right and left. And of course, lawyers are licking their chops.

My question is: When the employers pays the fine for the employee, at times many millions of dollars, shouldn’t that money be considered income for the employee and taxed? This may seem petty but I think we should speak whenever we have thoughts concerning the changing values of this world we call home.

I have no knowledge of tax laws, just opinions.

What do you think of these musings?

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Once powerful men

Thought nothing

Of touching a woman’s ass

Her breasts

Violating her dignity,

They now find

That their acts

Are biting them

In the ass.

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Looking Back,

Have you ever


You were young


With what

You know






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                                      BARCLAY FRIENDS SENION CENTER


I will get back on track, I promise, to the purpose of this blog. I already have subjects lined up, but events happen that I feel I my voice, events which I cannot ignore. Here is one of them.

Here, in West Chester, Pennsylvania there occurred a fire springing to five alarms. I might add that this a rural area where all the firefighters are volunteers. Great men and women deserving a great deal of praise for providing their life-saving service.

The fire last night was at Barclay Friends Senior Center, filled with residents in assisted living and various levels of independence. Some 100 residents were evacuated with 20 injuries. No deaths have yet been reported. Firefighters did an excellent job, along with the residents of the area helping all they could. Reflecting the value of a small community and a commitment to their fellow residents.

The reason for this article is the mementos lost. Memories lost to the elderly population of this complex. Surely they had in their small residence all they thought of value after their long life. Now all that – gone. Lost memories not rekindled unless they embrace a physical part of that history.

I think of the unbelievable destruction by the recent wildfires in California. Where so many families lost everything they owned, including their past.

These are tragedies I hope to God I never experience. And my friends, I have the same hope for you.   


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                                                    THE END


For our country,

I feel this

Is the beginning

Of the end.

And we

Are in part




I once used a line in a poem, ‘a sadness too deep to be real’.

It is becoming real.


There are still those full of poetry, stories and art. They struggle to survive and they always will. But greed has taken over this country.


The only comfort for me personally is that I will be dead when this great country’s dream is unrecognizable.





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The truth

Will be hidden

As we are


By the lies.

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