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I know it’s been done before, but here’s my idea of a story that might be on a slightly grander scale.  With this posting on my blog I have proof that the idea is mine.  Just thought I’d run it by my science fiction fans and writers.

I just read an article posted on Science Daily, a site I check every day for it provides a wealth of science facts capable of giving science fiction a nudge. The article stated (I’ll provide a link) that scientists have discovered a new black hole.  The interesting fact is that it is 30 times bigger than expected, and they don’t know why.

Okay, let’s put on our imagination caps now.

What if the black hole was 100 times as big as predicted, hell, make it 1000 times bigger.  The universe is less than predictable.  Imagine that this black hole was near enough to our galaxy, or perhaps created within our galaxy, and was able to draw our solar system and a good part of the Milky Way into its region of destruction.

How would that approach effect our planet?  Say we had a heads-up of thousands of years.  What would mankind do other than form committees which accomplish nothing?  What would the hero to this dilemma do to save the world?  And if there wasn’t a hero what would happen when our planet was pulled into this massive void?  Are we destroyed or do we arrive at another dimension, converted into dark matter?

Think about it.

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A few days ago, after many rewrites, I finally finished my novella, Elmo’s Invention.  This 16,500 word work is a prequel to my first published Elmo novella, Elmo’s Sojourn, available from Melange Books.

Completing this current novella took quite longer than it should.  Life’s been rough but that’s part of the experience.  But once finished, off it went to Melange Books hopefully with a happy outcome.

Not to give too much away, Elmo’s Invention is the story of a Los Alamos scientist, Elmo, who tinkers in his cellar with ‘off the wall’ ideas that no one would pay him to pursue.  In the course of his tinkering, he invents the perfect prison, but that was not the result he was after.

If this stirs your interest, I’ll let you know if it is published and you interest can be satisfied.

Here are some links where you may purchase my work.

Melange Books

Barnes &

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It is estimated that between 50 and 200 people jumped from the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.  Marked forever in our memory will be the vision of them falling.  Who can put themselves in the thought process that went into that decision and the conditions under which it was made?  They did not chose death.  They were murdered.

This poem is dedicated to those poor souls and all lives claimed that fateful day.


They were like birds flying,

Leaping from flaming windows,

No wings to purchase air,

No hope of flying home.

They were like birds flying,

Tumbling in twos, alone,

Flashing by in a smoke-filled sky

While crowds watched in horror.

They were like birds flying

Flights, imprinting the nation’s memory.

They were like omens flying,

Carrying us into a world of fear.

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