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Some time ago I received a questionnaire from Book Buzzr, a marketing website I’m using to promote my novel, New Moon Rising. I thought I would share my answers to give you a closer look into who I am.



Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Now a retired scientist, I spent 34 years studying renal physiology.

I’m a Newark, New Jersey boy now living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, divorced with two outstanding daughters. One is a farmer working for the Rodale Institute and the other is pursing and MFA in fiction at Syracuse University.


Describe your book, New Moon Rising, in 30 words or less.

The novel is science fiction centered on the Ring of Fire. Think of the movie, Deep Impact, but in reverse.


What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Editing? I hate editing. The initial story just flowed. I went along with the characters and saw the action through their eyes. But when it came to editing the adventure was over, and I missed it.


What books had the greatest influence on you?

When I was in high school I read three books by Tom Dooley, a doctor who went to Laos, among other countries, to provide medical assistance. Of the three, the only title I can remember is The Night They Burned the Mountain.

His work was influential in establishing CARE.

What Dooley did to me I could never reverse. His words established in me the need for a sense of purpose, that you must strive to make a difference. Even at my advanced age, I cannot shake this mind-set.


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book.

Not enough. I have has one signing at a local bookstore which went quite well.

I am, of course on your site. I also have a blog,, where I have discussed my novel and have provided links to my publisher, Melange Books, barns& and, where my novel is available.  But the primary purpose of my blog is to provide help for writers on the road to publication.


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?

I read a great deal, as most writers do. I firmly believe the basis for any writers desire to write begins with reading and the love for books. Of house and outside chores also require certain amount of time.


What are you working on next?

I have multiple short stories I am editing and hope to publish.

I also have two novels that are written and need to be edited and published.

The first, Sweet Depression, follows a corrupt high-level officer in a pharmaceutical company fulfilling his need for control and greed with devastating results. Think of a cross between novels written by James Patterson and Robin Cook.

The second novel, The Beast Awaits, combines illicit stem cell research creating a monster mindlessly intent on destroying our world.   

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Written 11/23/15

Lisa Eckert, died when 25.

Today would have been 41.

She is remembered.



There is a love beyond description,

Beyond the commonplace,

The love of a child

Fractured by fate,

Innocent of understanding

In a world

Where that may be a gift,

Surrounded love,

Existing in love,

Until love took her home.



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I don’t know how or why this began, but it’s a series of children’s poems with more to follow.

If you know my writing you will know this is most out of character. In fact, in the near future I shall post the first chapter of a novel, fully written and currently being edited, which goes beyond horrific. For now, please enjoy these poems.






Dragon eggs, though very small

Will yield a beast surprisingly tall.

All it takes is a safe wet abode

To yield a monster oh so bold.

So if you find their eggs, it would set the world a shiver

With the awesome possibility the beast may someday deliver.

But if it’s near the dawn of the day

Take your find, then straight away

Invite your friends, but tell not what you found

And create a huge omelet to go around.




You’ve made your omelet,

A massive omelet

With good things deep inside,

Your friends all joined

But now they’re gone

Perhaps you better hide.


For left alone

To clean the kitchen

What is that smell of burning?

The ground is shaking, thump, thump, thump,

For company now you’re yearning.


A roar does sound

A mighty roar

And things fall off the wall,

A flame roars past the window,

Should 911 you call?


The house grows hot,

So very hot

A huge eye peers the window,

Seeking the eggs she made with love

The dragon’s come to find you.




She roars a voice

A mighty voice

The tell you of her anger.

You’ve done her harm

A mighty harm

With omelets to your favor.


They were so good

So very good

Good food inside your tummy.

But the dragon roars

A mighty roar,

That isn’t very funny.


She cries, “My kids, my kids are gone,

“Your evil killed my offspring,

“Who will replace me?

“Who will live on?

“What future does your kill bring?”


She weeps a tear,

A mighty tear

That tears your heart asunder,

The thunder roars, a mighty roar

How could you know her sorrow?


She loves her family,

Her now gone family,

Family love she cannot hide,

Her heart is broken, mightily broken,

With sorrow now you cry.








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Here’s a little piece I wrote for my writers group, The Wordwrights, in response to a prompt described in the story as the ‘headline’, born from a list of random phrases spliced together.

I submitted it once and received a rejection. Maybe because it was too dark, or humorless or just plain sucked. I have a great deal of work in progress so for now this story is not even near the back burner. In fact, it can be found hovering around the circular file. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my cleverness with you.

In all honest, I have some reluctance posting unpublished work online, in my blog. There are some venues, at least for short stories, which consider any online appearance as the piece being already published and will not touch it.

In the future I plan to throw caution to the wind and post a few chapters of my unpublished and oft rejected novel, The Beast Awaits. Perhaps someone out there will enjoy the chapters enough to provide some feedback.

In parting, let me share a small piece of parting wisdom from an obscure author someday to be devoured by time, ‘No fame, no gain’.

In the vast majority of the world gain equals monetary value. But in the writer’s world, at least this writer’s world, gain is having his words read and appreciated.


                                                                             THE HEADLINE




I sit alone in my cell. Tonight, at eleven, they will start the IV that will end my life. How could I be so stupid?

The headline shouted in huge bold letters, ‘AFTER TOO MANY CUPS OF COFFEE A CHILD GENIUS DEVELOPS THE ABILITY TO FLY’. Did I check the date? What difference would that make? Papers publish only the truth.

I’ve had some mental issues in the past, nothing big, just a couple nervous breakdowns and hearing the occasional mysterious voice. After a couple of years in institutions, I snapped out of it, or so my handlers said. I was released with a clean bill of health. I was cured! My wife was confident enough to let me watch our six year old son while she went to work, and she is one of the ‘trusted ones’. The voices told me so.

Let me tell you about our son. At the age of six he can read, kind of, can count and knows most of the alphabet. The kid was a regular genius. After all he did spring from my loins. That damn headline stuck in my mind, so while I was alone with the kid, I began priming him for stardom. Starting with half coffee and half milk and with tons of sugar, I eventually got the little guy to drink it black. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff. My genius kid was soon drinking six huge cups of black joe a day. When I thought he was ready, and this was confirmed by one of my voices; I opened the window of our tenth floor apartment and tossed him out. I craned my neck looking skyward. Nothing. Finally, I looked down – oops.

Later I would find that the damned headline appeared on April 1st. I guess the joke was on me.


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While reading the May, 19 issue of Time over breakfast this morning, I came across an article which proved quite exciting for me.  The article discussed  movies released or soon to be  such as Godzilla, Into the Storm and Snowpiercer.

In discussing these movies, a new genre was mentioned, at least new to me, cli-fi.  This is a story of science fiction or fantasy dealing with a climate or environmental factor.

My novel, The Beast Awaits, which I sure you are all getting sick of hearing about, is about stem cell research gone bad leading to global warming.  Is that a fit or what?

I plan to start working on a new query letter and will share it with you soon to see what you think.


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What if all activists, all those that are sure their vision of how things should be would make the world a better place, had their desires made reality?  I find nothing wrong with people having strong feelings about the way things should be done and how, who believe if only society would listen to them, the world would be a better place.

Here is where I may get into trouble.

The problem I have with many activists, please note that I did not say all it’s ‘save my ass time’, is that their narrow-mindedness and unwillingness to listen to reason, at times, or do their homework.  In some instances some have already won, but do they know it?  I’ll get to this latter, in a rather nebulous manner, in a future project.

Here’s one example about not listening to reason, I can think of more.  I can recall listening to an NPR show where a guest was discussing the latest methods in farming to improve crop production when a young woman called.  She thought all farming should return to the way it once was, a more natural process with nothing artificial.  The guest understood her viewpoint but said that if that was done, with the amount those methods would cause yields to diminish, that people would starve.  Nothing would deter her in her opinion no matter what the guest said.  She just went on saying how things should be more natural.  Tell me, in this instance, who was right?

I’ll now talk about what started me on this train of thought.

I’m now in the process of a major rewrite of my novel, Sweet Depression, hoping to God that someday you will have a chance to read it.  At the same time I’m also toying with the plot for a sequel.  Now I know the accepted rule is not to write a sequel until the first book in the series is published, but at times it’s difficult to control the production of my brain, the direction my mind chooses to take.  I just take notes and hope something worthwhile results.  That is the reason this piece came into being.  In the sequel to Sweet Depression activists have their way.  Guess whether the results are beneficial or have a horrible conclusion.

I’m not the first to come up with a plot centered on activists.  I suggest you read Michael Crichton’s novel, State of Fear, to see how an excellent writer handles the subject.

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I’ve mentioned Elmo in the past. He exists as a figment of my imagination. One that I’ve grown to know over the years since he was first created. He began life as a short story, but due to his thirst for adventure, he grew into a novella, Elmo’s Sojourn. In this story he is a retired Los Alamos scientist experimenting in his cellar when he stumbles on a method of space travel through wormholes. This novella will be available as an eBook released next February by Melange Books. For those who can’t wait, Elmo’s Sojourn is already available now in an anthology, Curious Hearts, also published by Melange Books.
I decided for Elmo to have more adventures, but during his earlier years while working at Los Alamos resulting in another novella, Elmo’s Invention. In this episode he sets out to invent a time machine. His machine works, but not as he had anticipated and results in a caustic response from the public. This novella is in the editing process and will hopefully find a home.
I will continue to follow Elmo into his youth.

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