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This is a pitch I am using to gain interest in my novel.
In the future I shall post some sample chapters.
Before that, however, I have much to share with you.
If you cannot wait to read those chapters, let me know.
I am extremely flexible if there is interest.

Name: Walt Trizna
Title: The Beast Awaits
Genre: SciFi Thriller
Word Count: 80500

A population of illegally harvested embryonic stem cells harbors a primordial cell the existence of which is unknown to the scientific world. This cell has the ability to become any organism once exposed to that organism’s specific cellular nutrient. One cell will give rise to a beast the likes of which mankind has yet to encounter and this beast will devastate the planet.

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My consistent readers,

I am about to embark, with your help, on a new endeavor.
I am a writer, a solitary person, and not a salesman. However, in today’s publishing environment, one must be both. Using my blog, and with your help, I offer to you the opportunity to read my work, and if you find it interesting, recommend my work to others.
In the future I will be offering snippets of previously published stories. If you are interested in reading the complete work, all you need to do is email me and I will send it to you free. You may ask why not post the entire story? I have in the past and gotten no feedback one way or another.

Here is my email address;
Subject line; Story request
I don’t open email without a subject and this way I will know the email does not contain some hidden agenda.

I will post chapters from my novel, New Moon Rising, published by Mélange Books.
You will also be able to read some of my unpublished work. I want to share with you chapters of my novel, The Beast Awaits, trying to gauge what interest there is and what the future might hold for this work.
Unpublished short stories will also be on the menu. If you are interested you can receive the entire work.
As you can see, I want my work to be read and see what interest it generates. With my work and your help we can make this experiment successful.

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My consistent readers,

My mind has been in a whirl since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.
I cannot imagine the thoughts going through the tiny children’s heads as they waited to be slaughtered.

I grieve for those little lost souls and for their parents.

For what it is worth, I wrote this poem.


The devil entered
And twenty angels
Destined for grace
Were slaughtered.

The devil entered
And twenty angels
Destined full lives
Were gone.

The devil entered
And still we doubt
The strength
Of the devil’s tool.

Until we know the devil
And the strength his tool possesses,
More angels await his calling,
We are all the devil’s work.

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Here is a link to the radio interview I had yesterday,

I hope it gives you a chance to learn more about me.

Take care,

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My consistent readers,

Here is an unpublished poem on a subject that has caused me a great deal of thought and indecision.


The palms on the wall
Are a fitting tribute
To the state of my faith.
Although dried over the years
Of neglect, they still remain
A sign of past comfort and belief.

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My consistent readers,

I have many projects currently in progress. I am writing another novella with Elmo as a reappearing character. The first time I’ve used a character twice, but I really like him. I’m also rewriting some old short stories and see if I can find them a home. Also, there is The Beast Awaits, my second novel which I hope to publish, someday.

But I figured ‘what the hell’ I’ll start something else, something where, for the most part the work is already done. I’m thinking of publishing a chapbook of poetry. A chapbook is more of a pamphlet than a book. The reason I am discussing this with you is that in the past some of the busiest days on my blog was when I was sharing my poetry. So for any that enjoyed these poems, could you please go to both of my poem areas, Published Poems and Unpublished Poems, and select the poems that you enjoyed or said something to you. I know this will take time but I would really appreciate the effort. I’ll get back to you with the poems that made the cut.

Thanks for your time,

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Recently, a Mélange Books author asked questions of the authors with stories published in the anthology Curious Hearts. My question was, ‘Name the most famous person you had a face to face encounter with’. I thought I would share my response with you.

I pondered those considered ‘famous’ that I have met, and I came to a conclusion. Fame is relative. In some circles, a name wins instant recognition. In other circles, the same name would bring the response, “Who?”

For example, during my research career, while working at three medical schools, studying renal physiology I met many world famous nephrologists and scientists. However, unless you were familiar with the area, their names would be meaningless.

I volunteer at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum and work at their annual air show. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to shake hand with Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
I also met Robert Morgan, the pilot of the Memphis Belle one of the most famous bombers of World War II. But to the younger generation, these names might be meaningless.

Our local bookstore, The Chester County Book & Music Company, where I had a book signing for my novel, New Moon Rising, hosts many authors. There I met Jane Smiley, but if you’re not a reader that name will bring no recognition.

For seven years I lived in West Los Angeles while working at the UCLA School of Medicine. In that area of Los Angeles, you are constantly stumbling over celebrities.
One evening, while walking back from dinner with my wife and two friends, this literally occurred. It was in the early 1980’s, and as we walked home from dinner at a local restaurant, we walked past an eatery that was an expensive establishment. There, standing on the sidewalk all alone was a short old man smoking an immense cigar. We had just walked by George Burns.
My most memorable encounter occurred around 1980. I was single then and lived next to a very mysterious woman. She would leave Los Angeles for extended periods of time and ask me to pay her bills. The strange thing was; her return date was open-ended.
One summer Saturday afternoon, after a morning of fishing at Malibu Pier, she knocked at my door and asked for a ride. Clothed in an old sleeveless sweatshirt, I said sure. I loaded my neighbor and her luggage into my VW beetle. Following her directions, I soon found myself in the hills north of Sunset Blvd with my bug passing past mansions.
We pulled into a circular drive, announce our presence, and were met by servants. I brought my neighbor’s suitcase in, and while standing in the foyer, she came in. Wearing a bathrobe and a towel around her hair, strode Peggy Lee. My neighbor was going to be her companion while she was doing a show in New York.

Those are the famous people I have met, and as time marches on, their names fade into the past, to be replaced by those who now bask in glory, but will all too soon fade into the past themselves.
Walt Trizna

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My readers,

I know some of you have read my poem about 9/11. This is certainly a rough day for us all, but we are strong. This unexpected evil has happened to our country twice. It could someday happen again. Never forget who you are and what built this nation.


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9/11 POEM

My consistent readers,

I first published this poem on my blog last year on 9/11.

I wanted to revisit the memory burned in my mind that fateful day ten years ago.


They were like birds flying,
Leaping from flaming windows,
No wings to purchase air,
No hope of flying home.

They were like birds flying,
Tumbling in twos, alone,
Flashing by in a smoke-filled sky
While crowds watched in horror.

They were like birds flying
Flights, imprinting the nation’s memory.
They were like birds flying,
Carrying us into a world of fear.

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My consistent readers,

Although I am now retired from my ‘day job’, I have been a writer for some time now and will continue that endeavor as long as my mind continues to generate thoughts.
I do recall, however those dreaded Monday mornings.


On early summer mornings I’m first out the door and on my way to work. Without exception, I run smack into spider webs built across the area of the doorway during the night. Not the way I chose to start my day, pulling nearly invisible strands of spider secretions from my face and arms.
One Saturday morning I decided to use the garage door and walk down the driveway to get the papers. As I returned to the house I noticed spider webs running from nearby bushes and trees to our parked cars. On inspection, I also discovered a huge web across the side door; I found another web blocking the back door. A broom took care of the webs across the doors, but they provided more resistance that usual. As my wife went off in the van to run some errands, she dislodged the webs. Was it my imagination or did the van’s tires hesitate for better traction just before breaking free?
Monday morning, I leave for work but don’t get far. I hit the spider web and stop short, cannot move! The damn thing has me stuck and the more I thrash about the more enveloped I become in the sticky mass. I’m about to cry out to my wife for help when, from behind the house, illuminated by the porch light, extends a hairy leg, thick around as a small tree.
Don’t you just hate Monday mornings?

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