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Some time ago I received a questionnaire from Book Buzzr, a marketing website I’m using to promote my novel, New Moon Rising. I thought I would share my answers to give you a closer look into who I am.



Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Now a retired scientist, I spent 34 years studying renal physiology.

I’m a Newark, New Jersey boy now living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, divorced with two outstanding daughters. One is a farmer working for the Rodale Institute and the other is pursing and MFA in fiction at Syracuse University.


Describe your book, New Moon Rising, in 30 words or less.

The novel is science fiction centered on the Ring of Fire. Think of the movie, Deep Impact, but in reverse.


What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Editing? I hate editing. The initial story just flowed. I went along with the characters and saw the action through their eyes. But when it came to editing the adventure was over, and I missed it.


What books had the greatest influence on you?

When I was in high school I read three books by Tom Dooley, a doctor who went to Laos, among other countries, to provide medical assistance. Of the three, the only title I can remember is The Night They Burned the Mountain.

His work was influential in establishing CARE.

What Dooley did to me I could never reverse. His words established in me the need for a sense of purpose, that you must strive to make a difference. Even at my advanced age, I cannot shake this mind-set.


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book.

Not enough. I have has one signing at a local bookstore which went quite well.

I am, of course on your site. I also have a blog,, where I have discussed my novel and have provided links to my publisher, Melange Books, barns& and, where my novel is available.  But the primary purpose of my blog is to provide help for writers on the road to publication.


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?

I read a great deal, as most writers do. I firmly believe the basis for any writers desire to write begins with reading and the love for books. Of house and outside chores also require certain amount of time.


What are you working on next?

I have multiple short stories I am editing and hope to publish.

I also have two novels that are written and need to be edited and published.

The first, Sweet Depression, follows a corrupt high-level officer in a pharmaceutical company fulfilling his need for control and greed with devastating results. Think of a cross between novels written by James Patterson and Robin Cook.

The second novel, The Beast Awaits, combines illicit stem cell research creating a monster mindlessly intent on destroying our world.   

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While reading the May, 19 issue of Time over breakfast this morning, I came across an article which proved quite exciting for me.  The article discussed  movies released or soon to be  such as Godzilla, Into the Storm and Snowpiercer.

In discussing these movies, a new genre was mentioned, at least new to me, cli-fi.  This is a story of science fiction or fantasy dealing with a climate or environmental factor.

My novel, The Beast Awaits, which I sure you are all getting sick of hearing about, is about stem cell research gone bad leading to global warming.  Is that a fit or what?

I plan to start working on a new query letter and will share it with you soon to see what you think.


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Still sucking up library WiFi.


In reference to the last piece, The Beast Awaits, a novel I often refer to is written and already made the rounds to agents with a 100% rate of rejection, so far.

I had one publisher show interest in publishing the novel but, upon doing my homework, found they did not have a good reputation, so I declined.

You have to watch your ass, no one else will.


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In my novel, The Beast Awaits, I try to convey the atmosphere of impending doom which exits for populations thousands of mile away from the initial incident. As with everything I write it needs editing. I find that even to be true with work I have published. The process never stops. I recently had an experience which brought to mind the atmosphere I tried to create. I must go back and see if I can now find better words.

The incident I am referring to is the recent rash of tornadoes our country has experienced. I’ve always been a weather junkie and during the tornado outbreak I tuned to the Weather Channel. The meteorologists were following the storms in real-time, analyzing the radar and issuing warnings. A strange feeling crept over me as they recorded evidence of debris circulating in the air picked up by the tornado. These debris clouds were people’s lives being changed forever, perhaps the people themselves being destroyed, all as it actually happened.

Occasionally they would have people on the ground right after the storm passed and, together with the residents, survey the damage left behind. I sat in the comfort of my family room watching up to the minute changes in people’s lives.

In The Beast Awaits, I deal with events such as this and the emotions they create, the ‘I’m glad it’s not me’ feeling and try to convey the atmosphere that ‘your turn is coming soon’.

Car accidents also come to mind, how everyone slows down to survey the damage, mostly I’m sure glad with the ‘glad it’s not me’ feeling. In The Beast Awaits that emotion is short-lived, for just down the road will be your turn.

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This is the time when we have an opportunity to mold our lives for the coming year, to repair all the wrongs of our lives.  To make promises we usually don’t keep.  For years I’ve promised to stop drinking and lose weight – both now accomplished and one the result of the other.

Therefore, I’m going to use this opportunity to outline what I want to accomplish in my writing career, have a record of my goals and see how I do.  I’ve got a great deal of work I want to complete, hence the multiple volumes.  I also want to keep each short so I don’t lose your attention or bore you.

This section will deal with two novels already written, The Beast Awaits and Sweet Depression, both in need extensive editing.  Any agents or publishers that may stumble upon this missive, I’m all yours.

The Beast Awaits deals with hot-button issues, stem cell research, corporate greed and global warming.  Creatures are developed accidentally using stem cell research in the course to gain increasing profits.  They rapidly multiply and swarm the planet causing mass destruction leading to an increase in global warming.  There is no firm resolution at the end of the story only a chance for a lesson to be learned, hence the title of the novel.

Sweet Depression also concerns corporate greed, to some extent, but the driving force is the troubled youth of the CEO and his need for power and control in his adulthood.  The story is a cross between the work of James Patterson and Robin Cook.  The CEO uses science to increase the company’s profits; however, the product has disastrous side effects.  A detective, his own family a victim, sets out to discover what is behind a sudden increase in murder and mayhem.


Happy New Year to all my readers.

May this coming year find you healthy and happy.

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This is a pitch I am using to gain interest in my novel.
In the future I shall post some sample chapters.
Before that, however, I have much to share with you.
If you cannot wait to read those chapters, let me know.
I am extremely flexible if there is interest.

Name: Walt Trizna
Title: The Beast Awaits
Genre: SciFi Thriller
Word Count: 80500

A population of illegally harvested embryonic stem cells harbors a primordial cell the existence of which is unknown to the scientific world. This cell has the ability to become any organism once exposed to that organism’s specific cellular nutrient. One cell will give rise to a beast the likes of which mankind has yet to encounter and this beast will devastate the planet.

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My consistent readers,

I am about to embark, with your help, on a new endeavor.
I am a writer, a solitary person, and not a salesman. However, in today’s publishing environment, one must be both. Using my blog, and with your help, I offer to you the opportunity to read my work, and if you find it interesting, recommend my work to others.
In the future I will be offering snippets of previously published stories. If you are interested in reading the complete work, all you need to do is email me and I will send it to you free. You may ask why not post the entire story? I have in the past and gotten no feedback one way or another.

Here is my email address;
Subject line; Story request
I don’t open email without a subject and this way I will know the email does not contain some hidden agenda.

I will post chapters from my novel, New Moon Rising, published by Mélange Books.
You will also be able to read some of my unpublished work. I want to share with you chapters of my novel, The Beast Awaits, trying to gauge what interest there is and what the future might hold for this work.
Unpublished short stories will also be on the menu. If you are interested you can receive the entire work.
As you can see, I want my work to be read and see what interest it generates. With my work and your help we can make this experiment successful.

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Here’s a more direct link to my radio interview.
Tell me what you think.

This will give you and opportunity to listen to the other authors’ interviews.

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Here is a link to the radio interview I had yesterday,

I hope it gives you a chance to learn more about me.

Take care,

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My consistent readers, and all others that might tune-in,


I hope you all have a prosperous New Year, and more important, that you accomplish what you set out to do.

I must admit that I spent most of New Year’s Eve and part of New Year’s Day tuned to the SYFY channel. For years now they run a Twilight Zone marathon for the New Year.
I’m addicted to the shows. The special effects, what few there are, are laughable, but these shows were made before the age of computers when special effects were second to the story. The writing and story lines are so wonderful. I remember when I was a kid that short story anthologies of Twilight Zone stories were published, and I would devour them.

Well, enough about me, wrong. Me is why this blog exists. I am writing this piece to tell you of my upcoming projects, what you will see and my plans for this year.

Books To Go Now will soon publish two of my stories, Cat’s Eyes which is a horror offering and Second Chance a science fiction piece.
This year I will hopefully find a publisher for my novel, The Beast Awaits. The story concerns stem cell research and the environment. Who wouldn’t want to read such a work?
I’m also working on a novella which follows a character I created, Elmo, in his younger years. Elmo first appeared in a novella entitled Elmo’s Sojourn which appeared in the anthology, Curious Hearts, published by Mélange Books.
Finally, I will attempt to publish a chapbook of my poetry, all of which has been published on this blog.
There are also a host of short stories and another novel, Sweet Depression, which I hope to edit.

That is what I hope you have an opportunity to read and what I hope to accomplish this year. I hope life treats you well and we spend another fulfilling year together.


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