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                                      BARCLAY FRIENDS SENION CENTER


I will get back on track, I promise, to the purpose of this blog. I already have subjects lined up, but events happen that I feel I my voice, events which I cannot ignore. Here is one of them.

Here, in West Chester, Pennsylvania there occurred a fire springing to five alarms. I might add that this a rural area where all the firefighters are volunteers. Great men and women deserving a great deal of praise for providing their life-saving service.

The fire last night was at Barclay Friends Senior Center, filled with residents in assisted living and various levels of independence. Some 100 residents were evacuated with 20 injuries. No deaths have yet been reported. Firefighters did an excellent job, along with the residents of the area helping all they could. Reflecting the value of a small community and a commitment to their fellow residents.

The reason for this article is the mementos lost. Memories lost to the elderly population of this complex. Surely they had in their small residence all they thought of value after their long life. Now all that – gone. Lost memories not rekindled unless they embrace a physical part of that history.

I think of the unbelievable destruction by the recent wildfires in California. Where so many families lost everything they owned, including their past.

These are tragedies I hope to God I never experience. And my friends, I have the same hope for you.   


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