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Over the course of our writing careers the answer to this question may, and probably will, change.  With age and success, or the lack there of, our mindset will morph until that final realization that we have done all we can do.  Let history be the judge of our effort.  We cast our lot to time.

I feel there is a spectrum to our need to write, spanning the need to leave our footprints in the sands of time to pursuing the almighty buck.  Most of us lie somewhere in-between, with the love of art or existence our goal.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to exist, and if you have the art and it pays the bills, so be it.  Each of us is unique to their purpose.  And only at the end of our time can we can we reflect on all we have accomplished.  For some of us, success may come after we are gone.  We can just do our best and hope for the best.  The important thing to consider when the end.

How many of us write, spend countless hours completing a work we feel important and no one responds to our effort.  We get no feedback, good or bad, from friends asked to read our work or agents and publishers where our writing has sought a home, just an awesome silence as our writing goes into the world.  Now, if your purpose in is to obtain profit, better known as paying the bills this hurts.  But your goal is just as noble as those whose sole purpose is the goal of longevity of their existence.

As mentioned above, if your goal in writing is to leave your mark on history, and you lack success, all is not lost.  How many of us know the authors of fiction whose work was not appreciated during their lifetime but discovered after they were gone.  We all know writers of fiction who fit the mold.  Struggling to leave their mark, yet their major work going unrecognized during their life.  Think of Herman Melville and his masterpiece, Moby Dick.

So many of us pursue this profession with little reward.  Leaving this life never knowing if our voice will be heard.  Put down your words.  Fate may find you.

To be continued with a look at your life and history.

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