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As predicted, here I go off subject, but current events force me to speak.

I’ve been considering this piece for some time.  The recent outrage in Paris has spurred me on to put pencil to paper and fingers to keyboard.

My thinking on this article began by considering the Japanese kamikaze pilot, of course, the current wave of suicide bombers followed.  The Japanese were also known for their fanatical charges with little hope of success.  I’m a World War II nut and am fairly certain I relate facts.  The Japanese culture, at that time, was that suicide was preferred rather than accept defeat.  That is why, with the dropping of the atomic bombs, lives on both sides were saved.

On a side note, I once read an article about the birth of the Japanese kamikaze idea.  The concept was suggested by a Japanese soldier.  I don’t remember if he was a pilot, but probably was.  Then, during the 1990’s, someone recognized this same individual sitting on a park bench.  Apparently the suggestion of self-sacrifice was not followed by action.  I mention this, for I feel the idea of self-destruction is instilled in the weak with no future, and through manipulation, no choice.

I remember learning that during World War II, the American public could not understand or relate to the concept of an organized approach to suicide.  In war, heroics cost the soldier his life when their backs are against the wall.  But the concept of voluntarily committing suicide, to make a point is not present in our thinking.   However, that attitude, in some societies and political groups exists today.  We have become numbed by the almost daily report of suicide bombers doing their deed somewhere in the world.

We are now confronted with a world where men, women and even children are sent to their deaths.  Manipulated to take their lives by those with an agenda of hate masked by religion.

I thought about this topic a great deal, as I’m sure many of us have.  How could an individual’s world, with no threat immediately present, be hopeless enough to choose to leave it?  How cheap is the value of a human life to those who have an agenda requiring the spread of terror?


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