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What if all activists, all those that are sure their vision of how things should be would make the world a better place, had their desires made reality?  I find nothing wrong with people having strong feelings about the way things should be done and how, who believe if only society would listen to them, the world would be a better place.

Here is where I may get into trouble.

The problem I have with many activists, please note that I did not say all it’s ‘save my ass time’, is that their narrow-mindedness and unwillingness to listen to reason, at times, or do their homework.  In some instances some have already won, but do they know it?  I’ll get to this latter, in a rather nebulous manner, in a future project.

Here’s one example about not listening to reason, I can think of more.  I can recall listening to an NPR show where a guest was discussing the latest methods in farming to improve crop production when a young woman called.  She thought all farming should return to the way it once was, a more natural process with nothing artificial.  The guest understood her viewpoint but said that if that was done, with the amount those methods would cause yields to diminish, that people would starve.  Nothing would deter her in her opinion no matter what the guest said.  She just went on saying how things should be more natural.  Tell me, in this instance, who was right?

I’ll now talk about what started me on this train of thought.

I’m now in the process of a major rewrite of my novel, Sweet Depression, hoping to God that someday you will have a chance to read it.  At the same time I’m also toying with the plot for a sequel.  Now I know the accepted rule is not to write a sequel until the first book in the series is published, but at times it’s difficult to control the production of my brain, the direction my mind chooses to take.  I just take notes and hope something worthwhile results.  That is the reason this piece came into being.  In the sequel to Sweet Depression activists have their way.  Guess whether the results are beneficial or have a horrible conclusion.

I’m not the first to come up with a plot centered on activists.  I suggest you read Michael Crichton’s novel, State of Fear, to see how an excellent writer handles the subject.

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