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Even though I now own a tablet and laptop I still lack, in my total acceptance of technology, a device most of society deems ‘life essential’.  I have yet to adopt the cell phone.

I constantly hear references to Bluetooth.  This sounds to me like the name of a character the late great Soupy Sales would have created.  My younger readers will need to reference their grandparents about the meaning of this, I am sure.  Bluetooth is the stimulus for this article.

In the March 31st edition of Time magazine I ran across an article ‘Nowhere To Hide’ concerning Bluetooth technology and the cell phone.

One aspect developed concerns museums and involves providing information sent to you while you gaze at a piece of art. This I think would be helpful.  The article goes on to discuss how, while in a department or grocery store, and trying to decide what to buy you’re sent coupons via your phone for the product you are contemplating.

The question I pose is this: Where does the benefit stop and manipulation begin?

Some might ask, “What the hell does this have to do with writing?”

Writers track the changes in society through their work, changes that are so ingrained in our daily life that we no longer give them a second thought.  We also attempt to predict future trends good or bad, consider George Orwell.

All of the above comes from my observations along with a healthy dose of resisting change.  That’s my cross to bear.  I was recently thinking of the late nineteenth century, what I would have been like if I had lived during the birth of the telephone and electric lighting.  Would I be the last one, alone, reading by candle light?

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