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Some of you may know that I live in West Chester, PA located in ChesterCounty.  And like almost half of the county’s residents, life has been provided a speed-bump due to the weather.

It was Wednesday morning, the 5th of February, when our dog, Millie, jumped on the bed, disturbed.  I looked at the bedside clock to see the time and then I knew.  The clock’s black face told me we had lost power.

I got up, fed Millie, and while reading the paper the power returned.  But that event would prove to be short-lived.  The power departed again and would not return for nearly two days.

We have a sunroom with a wood burning stove.  About a week ago my daughter, Lynn, and her friend, Tyler, visited and spent some time splitting wood and storing it in the garage.  That act of kindness turned out to be a lifesaver.

I started a fire and soon Millie and our two cats migrated to the room and share the warmth.  We all kept relatively warm.  But we would have been warmer if I had closed the door to the rest of the house.  I kept the door open for access for the cats to the litter box and food, plus to provide some heat to my ball python living in my study.  He survived.

The only difficult period was nighttime, needing to wake up every three hours or so to feed the fire.  Sleep was also disturbed by constant crashing of ice, and the occasional branch, on the roof.  But no trees struck the house or my care.  I know I fared much better than some other residents of the area.

The power returned Thursday night about 8:30.

My internet is still a victim of the ice storm so I shall post this later.

Saturday, and there are still about 50,000 county residents without power.

Think warm thoughts for them.

Stay safe and warm.

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