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Well, I did it again. For the second March in a row I wound up in the hospital. I hope this does not become a tradition.
This time the hospital visit was my own stupid damn fault.
I fell in our kitchen one Saturday afternoon last month and landed on my right side. As I stood up I realized that I had done some damage. The pain was intense. I walked to my recliner, sat down and remained perfectly still. The pain diminished until I had to stand up. This was a new experience in pain even with Joni helping me to stand. The week went by and the pain lessened. I would later find out that I had cracked six ribs.
But I wasn’t finished yet. The next Saturday afternoon I fell again. This time I gave my right side the treat. I felt no pain on my right side but that second fall did not help the pain on my left side.
After the second fall I spent two weeks staying very still and the pain all but went away. But Monday morning March 11th things were about to take a drastic turn.
Early that morning I began experiencing shooting pains traveling from the right side of my abdomen to the left. An ambulance trip to the ER was required.
When I got there I discovered not only the cracked ribs but a ruptured spleen. Through a vessel in my leg they inserted coils in the splenetic blood vessels to stop the bleeding. I asked how many coils it usually took to do the job and was told about four. I asked because they used 24 coils on me. When I get an injury I don’t mess around.
After a ten day stay in the hospital the sent me to rehab. That’s were I am now. I’ve been here about two weeks and hope to get out soon.
I wanted to let my readers know the reason for the lack of activity. I’ll be communicating with you more now thanks to my daughter, Lynn’s, laptop.

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