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The subject for this article is, an essential website for the reader and writer. I will introduce it to you, but it must be explored to be truly appreciated. It is like an English muffin, with nooks and crannies that must be savored.
If you are with any of the major providers, you may use this site to check your email. In addition, this site provides access to all the major search engines.
Using Refdesk, you gain access to a host of both national and international newspapers. You can also read most of the major national magazines.
Provided also daily, is a different reference website, which I find myself bookmarking. The Library of Congress, encyclopedias and dictionaries are examples of some of the sites offered.
Other features are This Day in History and Today’s Birthday.
As a science fiction writer, the sites I daily explore located on Refdesk, are Today in Literature, Writer’s Almanac and Science Daily. I especially enjoy Science Daily for I like to include some science fact in my writing and I get access to a vast amount of information at this site.
You must check out this website to truly appreciate its power.

The next article, the first in a series of articles, will be for writers and explore the daunting task of finding an agent.

Walt Trizna

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My name is Walt Trizna. I am a longtime member of the Wordwrights, and during the course of my writing career, I have gathered information on many aspects of publishing material. I am also an avid reader and would like to share free sources I have found where novels, short stories and poetry are available. My hope is that both readers and writers will find this information useful.
The subject of this article is ( This is an excellent resource for writers. A host of online and print publications are referenced that accept novels, short stories, flash fiction and poetry. For the reader, it offers many online sites where short stories and poetry are available, all for free.
Writes can explore the site by genre, theme, word count and pay scale. Duotrope lists over 2400 sites and is updated on a regular basis. Other information beneficial is the publisher’s policy in simultaneous submissions, reprints and multiple submissions. With feedback from writers, Duotrope also tracks response times and rate of acceptance. Also available is a connection to the publisher’s website offering information about the publication and further information on what they are seeking.
This website should be in every writer’s go-to list for places to publish his work.

Future articles in this series will deal with great resources for readers, sites for reference and finding agents.

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Walt Trizna – Writer’s Blog

My name is Walt Trizna. I am a writer of horror and science fiction short stories and novels. My intention is to use this blog to make available my short stories that have been published on line and inform you when my work appears in print.
I have published a total of fifteen short stories and one novella. I have also written three novels which I am trying to publish. My stories that have appeared on line and chapters of my novels are what I plan to offer to you with the hope of obtaining feedback.
Also, I write articles for my writer’s group, the Wordwrights, for both writers and readers. Websites will be discussed for readers where they can find free books and stories. For writers, I will discuss places where you can publish and a host of other topics important to fulfilling your dream of seeing your work read.
I hope you find this blog entertaining and useful.
Here is the first of my stories I offer to you.

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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