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This piece is a sample of upcoming posts to this blog.

The following is a list of websites to help writers find markets and agents.  In the future I will discuss each site in more detail, but I thought I would offer this piece for writers to explore these sites, if they want, on their own.

First, I am sad to say that one of my favorite sites to explore the validity of markets and agents no longer exists.  The site is Preditors & Editors, a site I have looked to over the years for their opinion about markets and agents.  They will be sorely missed.

Now let’s deal with markets.

To my mind, Duotrope is the go-to site for seeking markets for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Once free, it now charges 50$ a year to use it.  Although there are some that argue about the fee, I think, for the service they provide, it is well worth the cost.  This site is a fantastic search-engine to find markets specific to your work.

Here is the site:


Here is a site to find markets for science fiction and more.  I have yet to become acquainted with it, but I will before I report on it.


Now for agents.

In my opinion, this is the site to first visit when seeking an agent.  The site is for the Association of Writers Representative.  You can search the site for your specific genre and be connected to the agent’s site.  You should never have to pay an agent to read your work.  With the agents associated with this site, you never will.  They have taken a pledge of honesty.

Here is the site:


Next is a site devoted to the writer to query other writers about their experience with publishers and

agents.  Great place to check on honesty.

Here is the site:


 Finally, here is a site to use to see an agents background.  I will discuss this site in greater detail in a later post.

Here is the site:


I hope this helps my fellow writers on their journey to publication.  As promised, a more extensive look at each site will follow.  I want to help my fellow writers to be where they want to be.  



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In the past I introduced you to Duotrope, a fantastic resource for writers’ markets. It’s still my favorite go-to place to place my work. The site provides you with the ability to make a highly specific market search, and then save the search if your first submission should be rejected (a little writer humor). But, there is always a ‘but’; it is not free. You can, however, give it a trial run free of charge.

For those of you who produce science fiction and horror, and on a tight budget, i.e. broke, is for you. The site provides a wealth of market information as well as additional information critical for writers no matter what your genre such a host of links to finding and checking on the credentials of agents.

This site may take a little more effort that Duotrope, but for you sci/fi and horror writers, the price is right.


Here are some links where you may purchase my work.

Melange Books

Barnes & Noble. Com

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