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Why do you write?

If you’re young, it’s to begin and establish a career, and along the way, perhaps make a living.  If you are young this article may not interest you for it’s coming from a different place in life.  The place is old age, but the need, perhaps not the reason remains the same.   But then again, you will not be young forever.

My first and only novel published thus far appeared while I entered my sixties.  Now, at the ass-end of that decade, when maturity infiltrates my brain, I still have a need to write as demonstrated in these mumblings.  Do I enjoy it?  Hell no!

I should not be working now.  I should be enjoying ‘the golden years’.  But my personality has always had a strange quirk, the need to accomplish something meaningful.  This disease began while I was a teen and has pursued me ever since.  Someday soon I may write of how this change to my personality began.

But for now, to the point of this article.

At the end of last year I receive an email from Books To Go Now, a publisher of e-stories telling me I had made 16 cents for the year.  This notification brought me joy in a year of a publishing drought.  I don’t know and will never meet the person who put down money to read my work.

In my mind, my friends, that is what it is all about.  Not fame or fortune which is rightfully sought by the young, but appreciation of our efforts in writing.  The bottom line is that appreciation and recognition, no matter how minimal of your work is important.  It means someone finds your work worthy of buying.  The buying is not the important part, the desire to read your work is.

That is why I write, and perhaps your reason too.

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