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Tis the season of politics, starting early and earlier with each election.

Just a short comment.  Your vote does count, but you have no control over who you will eventually be voting for.  That fabled ‘1%’ will make that decision for you and determine you options.

I read in the Washington Post on 8/1/15, that more than 50 individuals and entities (?) have given at least one million dollars apiece to super PACs, backing specific candidates.  Nearly half given to a group aligned with Jeb Bush.

So your vote counts, but what filters down to ‘our level’ is predetermined by money.

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If you love to read as much as I do, and have missed books that ‘you should have read’ there is still hope. By any means possible, purchase the book, Bound to Please, by a phenomenal author and critic, Michael Dirda.

Dirda reviews books for the Washington Post, and every review not only profiles the book, but borrows from his extensive readings. When it comes to literature, he is more like a machine remembering apparently everything he has read. Just as an aside, his other books are most enjoyable giving a glimpse of the life of a true reader.

Bound to Please begins with is a review of books written about great books, beginning with Herodotus: The Histories, on to Writers of the Times. I cannot begin to mention all the information contained in this work. The book also delves into science fiction and horror, my favorite genres.

The book, at first, can appear to be an intimidating read, but if you enjoy literature and want it fill in the holes in your reading, once started, you will be unable to put it aside. At first, I intended to read a page or two but found myself devouring the work, taking notes and marking pages.

If you want to read a comprehensive survey of world literature, please treat yourself to this book. It is a work you will keep for the rest of your life and reference often.

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