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I’m somewhat behind the curve when it comes to popular culture; think Neanderthal. However, on Netflix I stumbled upon a series, Supernatural, which I think is fantastic. I also discovered that a local station carries the series, probably has for years.

I spend hours each night catching up on past episodes. In a nutshell, the series follows two brothers who investigate strange occurrences and hunt the monsters causing these events. Also involved in the continuing story line are a host of demons and angels. Turns out, not all demons are bad, and not all angels are good.

I love this show!

The writers are beyond excellent, providing twists and turns in a continuing plot with always a new element that will grip your attention and keep you guessing ‘What could possibly come next’? On occasion, the writers also provide a bit of humor with episodes which introduce the ‘Ghostfacers’, along with other episodes that will leave you chuckling, in spite of the horror.

The dynamics of the relationship of the brothers is also a constant conflict keeping the storyline unpredictable to say the least. All is not rosy with this series, as well it should not be.

If you enjoy horror as much as I, do, and great writing, something rare these days in TV, find a source and begin watching Supernatural.

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In an earlier piece, I mentioned I’ve noticed a new trend in TV programing I find refreshing. Never in my wildest dreams, and I have many, would I think I would make such a statement – but there it is. The trend I’m going to discuss is the shift from the never-ending series to story lines which more resemble the format of books, that is, they have a beginning (Duh), and more importantly, and ending. Also, another aspect to this new programing which I find most refreshing is that they kill off characters. Don’t get me wrong, I know important characters also die in your usual TV series, but the event is advertised days or weeks in advance and when it does occur, little or no surprise is left.

What shows inspire this article? I will not discuss some of the now classic programs like The Sopranos or Walking Dead because I have not followed them. The shows I have been following are Falling Skies, Extant, The Last Ship, The Strain and Under the Dome. All these shows have a ‘book feel’ to them, and of course, some of them are based on books.

The Strain is particularly efficient in killing off characters. I haven’t read the series yet, but fully intend to. As far as the Under the Dome is concerned, I have read the book, and in all honesty, although I am a huge fan of Stephen King, I found the end of the novel lacking. Listen to me criticizing The Master of my genre. Fat chance he’ll ever criticize me. You first have to read to criticize. I digress. As far as the TV version is concerned, I feel it’s gone from an effort based on the book by Stephen King to one inspired by Stephen King. Oh, they kill off characters as The Master is fond of doing, a characteristic I gladly follow, but the most recent episodes I find wandering and lacking. The writers appear to be making things up as they go along and the story line is becoming weak and confusing. That’s just my opinion.

There’s another aspect I’d like to discuss, but that’s enough for now for me and you.

Stay tuned.

On the whole, I enjoy this new trend and hope to see it sustained and increased. My writer and reader friends: What do you think?

To be continued…

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