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In the past I wrote about the FX series, The Strain, and indicated that I intended to read the novel. Well, I kept that promise and am now well into, The Fall, the second of the three book series.

The TV series closely follows the novel, with a few alterations and new characters that have little or no impact on the storyline. What I enjoyed about FX series, which will continue in the future, I found reinforced in my reading of the book, i.e. the science. We’ve all grown up with Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula, and watched film presentations beginning with Nosferatu and on to movies starring Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee. Vampire movies still popup, usually during the summer movies season focusing more on the scantily clad, or more commonly unclad, maidens, and less on the traditional legend. What makes The Strain unique is, for the first time, there is a detailed scientific explanation for the vampire condition. Low and behold, and I don’t think I’m giving too much away, the condition is the result of a virus, a virus that has been around for hundreds or more years. Other vampire characteristics are also explained scientifically; I love it. There are also hints as to the origin of the malady and I’m looking forward to that revelation.

As a former scientist, I enjoy playing with scientific fact in my writing to make the storyline plausible and to pack a little punch. For instance, my as yet unpublished novel, The Beast Awaits, has a terrifying beast produced from mishandling stem cells, and I rely heavily on my tissue culture experience to make the story believable.

In this day and age of daily scientific breakthroughs, I feel the reading public wants and demands substance behind the terror.

Here are some links where you may purchase my work.

Melange Books

Barnes & Noble. Com

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While reading the May, 19 issue of Time over breakfast this morning, I came across an article which proved quite exciting for me.  The article discussed  movies released or soon to be  such as Godzilla, Into the Storm and Snowpiercer.

In discussing these movies, a new genre was mentioned, at least new to me, cli-fi.  This is a story of science fiction or fantasy dealing with a climate or environmental factor.

My novel, The Beast Awaits, which I sure you are all getting sick of hearing about, is about stem cell research gone bad leading to global warming.  Is that a fit or what?

I plan to start working on a new query letter and will share it with you soon to see what you think.


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This is a pitch I am using to gain interest in my novel.
In the future I shall post some sample chapters.
Before that, however, I have much to share with you.
If you cannot wait to read those chapters, let me know.
I am extremely flexible if there is interest.

Name: Walt Trizna
Title: The Beast Awaits
Genre: SciFi Thriller
Word Count: 80500

A population of illegally harvested embryonic stem cells harbors a primordial cell the existence of which is unknown to the scientific world. This cell has the ability to become any organism once exposed to that organism’s specific cellular nutrient. One cell will give rise to a beast the likes of which mankind has yet to encounter and this beast will devastate the planet.

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