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I’m an old writer. Let’s make that a seasoned writer. In the past I was an enthusiastic writer but with age the energy has waned. The ideas still come but many go no further. Although a few produce unpublished stories.
In bygone days I wrote nonstop, every chance I had. I wrote, on the job.. I published short stories and a novel. These days the desire to write is there, but the energy is not.
As I said before one factor, which continues undeterred, are the ideas for future projects. I jot down ideas – short stories and projects that lose their way in a lifetime of books and the debris of long forgotten projects.
What I want to convey with this piece is a realization, from personal experience. I was shocked as the length of my life increased and how I changed.
I find that in youth you will have the constant desire to write. The day job is just a way to pay the bills. You will have the drive to create but not enough time to feed that hunger. In old age you will have the time but lack the energy to complete projects and begin new ones. I have two novels requiring editing and come across short stores I don’t remember writing. Now retired with plenty of time when I think about that needs to be done, I think that I’ll do that tomorrow. But as you age, that tomorrow becomes less and less a guarantee.
I say to you young writers take advantage of your youth, your energy to create, to develop your craft.
You may see these words of and old man having little value. But time will show you I’m not far from wrong.

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I thought I would pass along a link to the Cemetery Moon website.

My story is in issue 14. I would like you to read it, but more importantly, I would like you to support the small presses printing words sometimes lost in the wilderness.

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My short story, He Flew Away, has just been accepted by Cemetery Moon.

If you are familiar with the invasion of stink bugs you might enjoy this story. I’ll let you know when it is available and how to get a copy.

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I’ve had trouble writing lately after hitting on of life’s speed-bumps, but I’m slowly getting back in the groove. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about my recent work, there will be more to come soon. Below you will find a brief description and where the story stands.

BEETLE MANIA: This is my most recent story. Let’s just say, if you have a fear of beetles this story should increase that fear about 1000%. But you’ll enjoy the journey. This story is still in the editing stage.

PET’S REVENGE: The title speaks for the story. The story takes the term ‘Despicable’ the title of a recent animated movie and raises it to a level where it belongs. This story is now making the publisher rounds.

CLIFF’S NOTE: A work of science fiction, this story concerns an alien abduction – in the year 1889. This work is also off to a publisher.

That’s about it. My next communication will be about a work that is far from my usual genre.

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Next month my novella, Elmo’s Sojourn, is due to come out as an eBook published by Melange Books.

I’ve been working with Melange on the cover and after some back and forth I think we have the final version.  If possible, I’ll post it when I am sure the version is a firm choice.

In the meantime, here’s the blurb to peak your interest.



Elmo, a retired Los Alamos scientist, travels through a wormhole in this science fiction story to the planet Roth where he meets Valmid and his wife Cal.  All appears tranquil on the planet but there is disaster visiting the planet which Valmid hopes Elmo would have the answer of how to end.  Roth’s females are being abducted and taken to the planet Gylex.  Unknown to the inhabitants of Earth, the creatures have also abducted human females in the past, but suddenly stopped their raids.  Valmid hopes Elmo can discover why the raids stopped on Earth and help Roth.


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Now I’ll discuss my novellas and short stories which I hope will find a home for this year.

I have a novella, Elmo’s Invention, requiring work.  It is a prequel to the already published Elmo’s Sojourn.  Elmo’s Sojourn is due to appear as an eBook this February.  I have a fondness for Elmo and hope to follow him with more stories.

I also have short stories in need of editing, and in some cases completion.  The Event is a work of science fiction needing a little work and off it goes.  Valued Employees is a short story which is comical but with sinister overtones.  It deals with the unemployed who cannot find work because of preexisting conditions or bad habits.  This population is just what a unique company is looking to hire.

Billie’s Magic is a short story about and autistic youth with a dark connection to his older violent brother.  I may try to self-publish this story on Kindle and see what happens.

Finally, I hope to republish short stories and poems that are already out there and find for them a greater exposure.

That’s what I have planned for the coming years, along with whatever story ideas that may creep into my brain.


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My consistent readers,


I just received a royalties check from Books To Go Now.

Buying my beach house is still on the pilot light, and we have an electric stove, but at this point in my career, the important thing to me is that people are reading my work.
Last quarter, three people bought my story, Martian Rebirth. Fourteen bought Unholy Ground.

I first want to once again say thanks. I would also ask you, if you don’t mind, to post a comment on A comment would be appreciated whether you liked my stories or not. Writing is a lonely experience, and feedback is important.


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My consistent readers,

Although I am now retired from my ‘day job’, I have been a writer for some time now and will continue that endeavor as long as my mind continues to generate thoughts.
I do recall, however those dreaded Monday mornings.


On early summer mornings I’m first out the door and on my way to work. Without exception, I run smack into spider webs built across the area of the doorway during the night. Not the way I chose to start my day, pulling nearly invisible strands of spider secretions from my face and arms.
One Saturday morning I decided to use the garage door and walk down the driveway to get the papers. As I returned to the house I noticed spider webs running from nearby bushes and trees to our parked cars. On inspection, I also discovered a huge web across the side door; I found another web blocking the back door. A broom took care of the webs across the doors, but they provided more resistance that usual. As my wife went off in the van to run some errands, she dislodged the webs. Was it my imagination or did the van’s tires hesitate for better traction just before breaking free?
Monday morning, I leave for work but don’t get far. I hit the spider web and stop short, cannot move! The damn thing has me stuck and the more I thrash about the more enveloped I become in the sticky mass. I’m about to cry out to my wife for help when, from behind the house, illuminated by the porch light, extends a hairy leg, thick around as a small tree.
Don’t you just hate Monday mornings?

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