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I am once again straying from the purpose of this blog to reflect on my human experience in this f—ked up world. This has happened before, and I can guarantee, it will happen again.

In regards to the Catholic Church, I envy those believers who maintain their beliefs no matter what they hear during mass, even if it goes against their knowledge, or what is revealed in the press.

I strayed from the Catholic Church for twenty years or more. But when my daughters were born I decided to reenter the religion, wanting them to have some religious education as opposed to nothing. If they continued to practice their religion into adulthood, it was up to them.

So my girls and I attended church. My former wife was non Catholic, but enjoyed the Christmas and Easter masses.

One Sunday, while my oldest daughter, Annie, was in high school she heard a sermon delivered by a deacon. She was so upset by what she heard that she refused to receive communion. I would later develop an intense dislike for this person by the nonsense he spewed. And all we could do, as a sea of bobble-heads was to agree or remain silent.

Time passed, my girls went to college, and I attended mass alone.

One Sunday, the priest preforming the mass announce that, for the following week, there would be homework, as in bringing a pen. That next Sunday there were post cards in all the pews meant to be sent to our congressmen pleading to vote against abortion.

My church’s mass had suddenly become ‘Big Brother’. The faithful filled out their cards and at the same time studied what all around them were doing. Those who had not done what was told were identified when the cards were collected.  I remember thinking, “Is this legal?”

I can point out other incidents making no sense to me. As the Sunday shortly after it was revealed that the priests in Europe and Ireland were molesting children just as our homegrown clergy. The second collection was to support the European parishes.

There was another incident when for weeks church members stood in front of the congregation and told how they were tithing to the church. Since doing that all of life’s matters had come to a happy conclusion. Eventually, the head priest announced that some parishioners him what he did with this extra money. He announced that he used to money in times of emergency.

What was I missing?                                                                                                                                                                      

I live outside Philadelphia and what tears me apart is the abuse of children by priests. When the abuse became known, the priests were transferred to where they could continue their despicable act. I realized there were priests’ acts I found repulsive, and at the same time, I was expected to confess my sins to someone performing acts I could not comprehend. If I had committed these acts, I would be jailed and considered a sexual pervert for the rest of my life. But if I were a priest I would maybe receive counseling and then off I go to another parish full of children.

Finally, I really get upset when I see my former parish drive crosses into the ground to represent aborted children. I firmly believe a women has the right to decide what to do with her own body and her future. Do I believe that abortion is right, no? But I also believe women should have the right to choose. And for some, this choice may haunt them for the rest of their lives.


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