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The other day I watched the movie War of the Worlds made in 1953 based on the famous novel by H. G. Wells written in 1898. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this movie and consider it one of my favorite if not my favorite science fiction movie. I also enjoy watching the 2005 version of the movie by the same name.
In the latest version the machines are more in tune with those in the novel, supported by tripods. But I think there is a basic flaw. It is hinted in the movie that the machines were buried on the earth maybe a million years ago. Wouldn’t their technology change over that length of time? Would they know the machines were still functional? Why would they think they would one day invade earth? These are just thoughts on the movies and not the purpose of this piece.
I think it is interesting to speculate what happens after the movie ends. Do the Martians launch another attack on earth, this time wearing spacesuits so they won’t die? And the earth has been decimated. How would the rebuild go?
Think Tokyo after World War II. What about the machines? Would man gain great knowledge from these devices improving life. And then there is the possibility of manufacturing new weapons and means of cloaking making the weapons indestructible. Would man use these new weapons for possibly more threats from space. Or more likely, would they wind up using them on each other.

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Have you ever made a mistake and said, “I’m only human?”
Being a writer of science fiction, my mind dwelled on the phrase.

Who knows why?

Of course at this point I let my imagination take over, conquering rational thought. I pictured an expedition to a distant planet much like ours. They landed and found no occupants. After months of searching one of the team found a document explaining the demise of the civilization. “We were a race of perfection. No mistakes were ever made. Eventually, we die of boredom.

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I mentioned this in a past entry that I had my story, He Flew Away, accepted by Cemetery Moon.
It has now been published and I am providing a link if you should like to make a purchase. It’s been a long time since my last publication and my hope is this is only the beginning.
Check out the Cemetery Moon website, and if you are interested by a copy which includes my story.
Whatever you do, support writers. They are a voice during conflict as we are now suffering and a way to, however brief, enter the world of the mind.

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I’m sure all lovers of science fiction and fantasy know that Ursula K. Le Guin has left us at the age of 88 to explore the next plane.

I enjoyed reading her work and often thought her name could be a character in her writing.

I’ve enclosed a review of her life.


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Some time ago I received a questionnaire from Book Buzzr, a marketing website I’m using to promote my novel, New Moon Rising. I thought I would share my answers to give you a closer look into who I am.



Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Now a retired scientist, I spent 34 years studying renal physiology.

I’m a Newark, New Jersey boy now living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, divorced with two outstanding daughters. One is a farmer working for the Rodale Institute and the other is pursing and MFA in fiction at Syracuse University.


Describe your book, New Moon Rising, in 30 words or less.

The novel is science fiction centered on the Ring of Fire. Think of the movie, Deep Impact, but in reverse.


What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Editing? I hate editing. The initial story just flowed. I went along with the characters and saw the action through their eyes. But when it came to editing the adventure was over, and I missed it.


What books had the greatest influence on you?

When I was in high school I read three books by Tom Dooley, a doctor who went to Laos, among other countries, to provide medical assistance. Of the three, the only title I can remember is The Night They Burned the Mountain.

His work was influential in establishing CARE.

What Dooley did to me I could never reverse. His words established in me the need for a sense of purpose, that you must strive to make a difference. Even at my advanced age, I cannot shake this mind-set.


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book.

Not enough. I have has one signing at a local bookstore which went quite well.

I am, of course on your site. I also have a blog,, where I have discussed my novel and have provided links to my publisher, Melange Books, barns& and, where my novel is available.  But the primary purpose of my blog is to provide help for writers on the road to publication.


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?

I read a great deal, as most writers do. I firmly believe the basis for any writers desire to write begins with reading and the love for books. Of house and outside chores also require certain amount of time.


What are you working on next?

I have multiple short stories I am editing and hope to publish.

I also have two novels that are written and need to be edited and published.

The first, Sweet Depression, follows a corrupt high-level officer in a pharmaceutical company fulfilling his need for control and greed with devastating results. Think of a cross between novels written by James Patterson and Robin Cook.

The second novel, The Beast Awaits, combines illicit stem cell research creating a monster mindlessly intent on destroying our world.   

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I will soon get back to the true purpose of this blog, aiding writers. I have pieces planned for ideas for science fiction stories, (I have too many ideas to work. You are welcome to use what I describe. You won’t be disappointed.), sites to publish and a host of websites for finding agents. But first, I had to get this off my chest.

This is food for thought. For a writer of nonfiction or fiction, here are situations which, unfortunately, are not fiction.

Banks are destroying the country yet say that regulations are too strict, just think Wells Fargo when you consider that the regulations for these institutions are too strict.

Pharmaceutical companies are selecting products individuals need to survive and increasing prices for no other reason than to increase profits. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry and realize the cost that goes into making a drug. I have seen projects that have failed, after many years of effort. Some of this cost is passed onto the consumer to pay for projects the do work. But when the price for a product is set, and it is suddenly raised, the purpose of the increase is nothing but greed.

Where or what is the policy which can reduce greed. CEOs constantly complain of too much regulation. But it is these very individuals profiting from the control they have, especially through political contributions, who reap the profits as the public reaps the pain.

Are we totally lost, or is there a way out of this atmosphere which grips our country?

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I recently read an article in the New York Times concerning Ursula Le Guin, a renowned writer of science fiction and fantasy, and her enshrinement in the Library of America.

Included in this article was a speech she gave concerning the state of publishing and the value authors must seek for their work. For those writers out there, I hope you find it educational and rewarding.

Sorry this link doesn’t work. But if you are interested, go to The New York Times site. You can read a limited of articles for free. For writers and readers of science fiction, this work is valuable.


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Being a lover of science fiction from an early age, I, of course, watched Superman on TV during the fifties.

I just read that Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane, had died at the age of 95.  I had to have watched every episode where Noel Neill playing Lois Lane appeared beside George Reeves playing Superman.

Here are some musings about how that past Superman would have a problem dealing in the current day and age.  It struck me, in this day and age, with cellphones the predominate means of communication and phone booths a thing of the past, where in our current society could Superman change?

Also, a pair of glasses was his disguise.  I must admit, when I remove my glasses people around me expect me to fly.  I continually disappoint them, so far.  And also, what would happen if Superman developed a super zit on the tip of his nose?  Would taking off his glasses still conceal his identity?

Questions keeping me up some nights.  I’m sure they have the same effect on you.

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Since I write science fiction, I had to give praise to SpaceX landing their 14 story rocket on a barge, not a very large barge, in the ocean.

How many of us, advanced in age and wisdom remember rockets landing in movies or TV in an identical manner.  I do not know why but watching the missile land, the fact that the top of the rocket was perfectly flat was something I had never pictured.  It’s delivery, gone.

I just had to mention this historic event and contemplate the next science fiction turned science fact.  I might share that War of the Worlds is one of my favorite science fiction movies along with The Thing from Another World which scared the shit out of the seven or eight year old Walt.  Remember the last line of The Thing after the vegetable James Arness is fried?

“Look to the skies.”  I love that line.

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I just received this email from Google.  I have no idea of it,s importance, or whether I’m being ripped off ( which happens these days, but has always been the practice of a certain element of society, i.e., losers).

I’m also including the sit they reference.

To be honest, I would prefer you purchase my story from Melange Books.  I make money, and more in important, my publisher makes money.

As a side note, I occasionally check my name on Google. It’s not an ego thing, I just want an update on what of my work has been published. Interestingly, I did discover one of my stories publish.  That knowledge was new to me.  I also found that the first two chapters of Elmo’s Sojourn has been published in China. I waited for the money from millions of sales to roll in.  Of course, I knew that China has little use for our copyrights, but the next time I visit the Orient, I expect a huge outflowing of love.

In spite of my age, I still dream.


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