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My consistent readers, 4/11/13

I’m home now and have been since last Saturday. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts while getting to the point that I could come home.

Once I left the hospital after my bout with a ruptured spleen, I was not able to go home so I entered a rehab facility. I would like to share some of my thoughts while experiencing this period of my recovery.

I was now a resident, temporarily, of Devon Manor, after falling and suffering six cracked ribs along with a lacerated spleen. The spleen was a big problem for I was on blood thinners when it began bleeding. I went to the rehab center after a ten-day hospital stay and was weak as a baby. I needed a walker to walk and breathing exercises to rebuild my lung capacity.

Once I made fun of walkers calling them ‘jungle jims’. Now that I was using one to get around during my recovery they were no longer a source of ridicule.

I went through a strange period when I first started rehab. We did our exercises in a large room with about four or five patients at a time each working with a physical therapist. As I looked around at my fellow patients I realized that, except for those with brain injuries, I was the youngest at 65. Later I would visit another gym where those in rehab were around my age or younger.

What started me thinking this way I do not know. But as I looked around at the patients working along side me, some extremely elderly and barely able to move, unable to do the simplest tasks, I wondered why rehab them at all? What were they going to rehab to?
But after much thought my heart softened and my mind opened. They were rehabbing back to the life they left no matter how limited that life may be. They were rehabbing back to their families, their children and grandchildren.

I’ve mellowed during my rehab experience. Perhaps it’s having your routine, your normal life; take away from you and trying desperately to get back to where you were. I now know it doesn’t matter how old you are or what that life was like – you want to return.

The care, the concern of the therapists at Devon Manor was highly professional. I owe them a great deal, especially, Lisa, the physical therapist who worked with me for most of my stay.

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Well, I did it again. For the second March in a row I wound up in the hospital. I hope this does not become a tradition.
This time the hospital visit was my own stupid damn fault.
I fell in our kitchen one Saturday afternoon last month and landed on my right side. As I stood up I realized that I had done some damage. The pain was intense. I walked to my recliner, sat down and remained perfectly still. The pain diminished until I had to stand up. This was a new experience in pain even with Joni helping me to stand. The week went by and the pain lessened. I would later find out that I had cracked six ribs.
But I wasn’t finished yet. The next Saturday afternoon I fell again. This time I gave my right side the treat. I felt no pain on my right side but that second fall did not help the pain on my left side.
After the second fall I spent two weeks staying very still and the pain all but went away. But Monday morning March 11th things were about to take a drastic turn.
Early that morning I began experiencing shooting pains traveling from the right side of my abdomen to the left. An ambulance trip to the ER was required.
When I got there I discovered not only the cracked ribs but a ruptured spleen. Through a vessel in my leg they inserted coils in the splenetic blood vessels to stop the bleeding. I asked how many coils it usually took to do the job and was told about four. I asked because they used 24 coils on me. When I get an injury I don’t mess around.
After a ten day stay in the hospital the sent me to rehab. That’s were I am now. I’ve been here about two weeks and hope to get out soon.
I wanted to let my readers know the reason for the lack of activity. I’ll be communicating with you more now thanks to my daughter, Lynn’s, laptop.

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