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This post may cause me trouble, but we old people are not always right but we do have opinions.

I am distressed about the current trend, due to compassion and sensitivity, to remove the statues of Confederate figures. I will not deny that they represent a terrible part of our history of slavery and the attempt to tear our country apart.

But it did happen, and for better or worse, it is part of this countrie’s past. Are we to deny the future generations of this country to know we were not always right, and through extreme bloodshed, righted a wrong? A wrong which still persists to this day with not accepting no matter who we are we are all citizens of this great country. But I feel, because of present day circumstances we a spiraling on a downward road.

We sanitize everything these days; what happened happened and there is nothing we can do to change the past. We owe it to our future generations to know we were not always what we should have been.

Lastly, I often think of the men who participated in Pickett’s charge. The goal they wished to accomplish was far from right, but who can deny the courage those men displayed. And look into that history. Would anyone of you reading this piece haAve the courage, the guts, to do what these men did?

Finally, whether it is right or wrong, you cannot erase history. And as is often said, if history is not known it will be repeated.

Hope I haven’t stepped on too many sensitivities of my reader, but this is something I felt compelled to day.

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With the recent event on both sides of the spectrum of gun violence I am lost in sadness and anger. 

I could say I understand the sentiment behind ‘Black Lives Matter, but as a white man there is no way I can appreciate the tension the black man experiences walking or driving.

Our society has become a gun-toting society out of fear and hate.  I’m sick of hearing about mass murders, people of color killed and now those with the mission to protect us slaughtered.  Neither side is totally right or totally wrong.  After all we are human, prone to mistakes and anger.

What it comes down to is the problem of the acceptance of guns in our country.  Even when 20 six year olds were killed in Sandy Hook and robbed of their future, our government does nothing to change gun laws.  The massacre in Orlando resulted in the same result.  What does it take to make a change of us killing us?

There is a sickness in this country, one born hundreds of years ago and haunts us to this day.  In reality, there is more than one sickness and what can we do to cure the disease our society must cure to remain the nation we once were and need to be in the future.

I pray that someday the dedication to ‘Black Lives Matter’ would transition into ‘All Lives Matter’.

Am I a dreamer, or is there hope?    

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No one in America should suffer abuse because of a preconceived notion.

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