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These are the thoughts of an old man as the world sees me. I feel I am younger than they think. Reality has not yet caught up to me.


These are the thoughts of an old man as the world sees me. I feel I am younger than they think. Reality has not yet caught up to me. NO GOING BACK  

I want to go back

To right my wrongs,

I want to go back

To enjoy the moments

The best moments

Of my life,

I want to go back

To appreciate the good

And try to obliterate

The bad,

I know this a dream Impossible,

But in dreams

My desires Are accomplished.

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I am not afraid d
Of dying,
What I fear most
Is not living.

Death is an
Important moment
Of life,
Not because
You are gone,
But because
Your days
Of accomplishing
Are over.

These two pieces were written with the thoughts of how
we are constantly told what to do to prolong life.
But in reality, the prolonged life may be a life of
little value.
Old age does take its toll.
And some thoughts when you achieve an age
you can’t believe are in conflict with the past
and present.

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I’m an old writer. Let’s make that a seasoned writer. In the past I was an enthusiastic writer but with age the energy has waned. The ideas still come but many go no further. Although a few produce unpublished stories.
In bygone days I wrote nonstop, every chance I had. I wrote, on the job.. I published short stories and a novel. These days the desire to write is there, but the energy is not.
As I said before one factor, which continues undeterred, are the ideas for future projects. I jot down ideas – short stories and projects that lose their way in a lifetime of books and the debris of long forgotten projects.
What I want to convey with this piece is a realization, from personal experience. I was shocked as the length of my life increased and how I changed.
I find that in youth you will have the constant desire to write. The day job is just a way to pay the bills. You will have the drive to create but not enough time to feed that hunger. In old age you will have the time but lack the energy to complete projects and begin new ones. I have two novels requiring editing and come across short stores I don’t remember writing. Now retired with plenty of time when I think about that needs to be done, I think that I’ll do that tomorrow. But as you age, that tomorrow becomes less and less a guarantee.
I say to you young writers take advantage of your youth, your energy to create, to develop your craft.
You may see these words of and old man having little value. But time will show you I’m not far from wrong.

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Life’s Cycle

When young
You reach
To the future,
In old age
The reach is done,
The waiting begins.

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Recently, about a year ago or so I was invited to the reunion of the 50th anniversary of my high school graduating class. Called by a guy I vaguely remembered, we talked about our lives and about my attendance. I said I would not.
Here are the reasons.
I had a crush on a few girls. Admiring their slender bodies, those wonderful maturing bodies with developing breasts and legs of infinite beauty. I shared friendships with guys who shared my interests. We all were young looking to the future.
Honestly, I do not want to know if those young, hopeful classmates fulfilled their dreams. How the world treated their hopes. I do not want to know of the failed marriages, the disappointing careers, the lives spent in no way matching what they planned. And perhaps I do not want them to know how my life and dreams came to fruition not planned.
Avoiding the reunion, gives me the opportunity to preserve the memory of those youthful smiles, faces full of hope and dreams. I do not want those visions erased by the reality of the elderly remnants of a past gone. And foremost, I do want the knowledge of those who have died.
This is a weakness.
When I have a dear friend dying, I visit while we can talk about passed experiences. While we can talk about life but never their thoughts of what comes next.
I have no desire to gaze upon the reality of life while remembering the past while those I held dear are they nothing but shells waiting for the end. I want to remember them, all of them, with eyes to the future, not how that future dealt with their dreams.

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I have the dreams

Of a young man,

Denying my age

In my fantasy.

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I have the dreams

Of a young man,

Denying my age

In my fantasy.

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