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I deplore the destruction of history, something that focuses its madness.  But they are not alone in this demonstration of stupidity.  Didn’t British soldiers, during World War I, use the Sphinx for target practice with their cannon?

No culture had a premium on stupidity; not any nationality, religion or purpose.


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A companion, living most of the past months on my lap, Sally is gone.  I have mentioned her in this blog before. 

Originally my daughter Lynn’s cat, an SPCA rescue, but as education and work took Lynn to other locations, Sally stayed behind

At the age of nearly 16 her kidney failure overpowered her.  She left this world on March 8, 2016, barely able to stand.  I had to make the final decision.   She had bounced back numerous times in the past, but this time was different.  There was no bouncing back.

I never thought I would be become a ‘cat person’, but I did become a ‘Sally person’.  We shared many nights together on my recliner, and many mornings when her hunger wanted me awake.  I miss her.  She won my heart, and I will always remember her.









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Just recently I learned that my baby is beyond repair, rust of the underside is the culprit.  This was the second car I ever owned, purchased in 1975, a 1973 Super Beetle.  The reason for the purchase was the theft of my first car, a 1970 Beetle while I was working in the Bronx.  I drove my 1973 Beetle in New Jersey.  Next was a trip to Florida.  After driving to Florida I drove my love to California, and finally it was transported to Pennsylvania in 1985.  Residing in Pennsylvania became its death knell.  What has ceased to exist is not so much a car, but the representation of a fountain of memories.

Here is a brief history.

I learned to drive while in the air force during pilot training, stationed in Selma, Alabama, in a Beetle.  I knew how to fly, but not how to drive.  I recall driving the backroads and, when another Beetle passed, honking at each other.  I purchased my first Beetle in 1970 while stationed at Sheppard AFB, in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I loved it; my first car.  When released from the service, (I washed-out of pilot training and became a missile crew commander)  I drove my car home to Newark, New Jersey.  As previously mentioned, while working in the Bronx my car was stolen.  The sense of loss I experienced was extreme.  My first car was gone.

Now the memories associated with my 1975 Super Beetle.

My mother who died in 1981 at the age of 59, rode in that car.  The car transported me and my mother on shopping trips and excursions to buy Christmas trees.  I drove the car from Newark to Miami to continue my career in nephrology research.  When the location of my job changed, I drove my Super Beetle from Miami to Los Angeles, my brother as my companion.

My Beetle and I spent seven years in Los Angeles where one time my next door neighbor needed a ride and got to meet Peggy Lee, quite unexpectedly.

So many memories caught up in a vehicle.  Now I have only memories for my Super Beetle is dead.

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