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Today I heard about a shooting in Gilroy, California. Three dead, so far, including a six-year old and a thirteen-year old. Lives robbed of a future by an asshole with a gun. Lives which could have made a difference to our world.
I have driven though Gilroy., California many times on the way to San Jose, the home of my former wife and current best friend. You could smell Gilroy before you reached it. As we approached the town we were greeted by a bucolic countryside, pleasant and peaceful. We approached the town along highway 152, a pleasant ride through the hills of brown which may change according to the weather. From my experience the weather never changed much, until now. The global weather change has stirred things up for California, and actually, all over the world. Of course, the existence of this phenomenon is a myth, fully apparent if you are a ‘stable genius’.
After an incident of tragic proportions, the news if full of sorrow, memorials, bicycles ridden for great distances so we remember the current tragedy. In my opinion none of these inspired acts make a difference in the mindset of our current society. There are too many mass shootings to remember. Even what happened in Los Vegas, 58 killed and more than 500 injured. That is not a mass shooting. That is a war we are not winning unless there is a change in the morality of this country. Where the right to own a weapon comes before the lives of the victims we hear about every day.
I do not want to take the rifle out of the hands of hunters. I do not want to take the weapons of those who want to protect their homes. I want to take weapons out the hands of the unstable, of those with a past history of violence. It will take a far greater brain to resolve all these problems, but I have one observation.
The answer is MONEY!
Unfortunately, our entire society’s values, mainly those who control our society’s goal is more and more money.
For decades and beyond the direction of this country has been bought by organizations and individuals with an agenda. How to make more money. That money buys politicians and who knows what other levels of our government. They always say your vote counts which is true. But money buys the individuals you can vote for.
The only way we can see to right this wrong is to fight money with money. Have the 1% with a conscious, and love this country for the opportunities it has provided them unite and bring back the values that have made this country great. Buy back our freedom which is rapidly changing. Use your wealth to make this country, which gave you the opportunity to make that wealth, a country we can all be proud of again,
The ball is in your court. Play it wisely for this country’s future.

July 30, 2019 at 4:16 am 1 comment



The recent tragedy in Florida should never have happened and the guilt is divided among many levels. The news speaks to this, I will not here.

To say this country’s desire of gun ownership and tolerance of the violence they cause is beyond comprehension. I’m not saying guns should be banned. The problem is determining who should be allowed to own them. That determination, as of now, is beyond the powers that be. To do this will take difficult decisions and our current government is not willing or able to make those decisions to protect our citizens.

I have come up with a solution.

Donate more money than the NRA is able to the campaigns of congressmen. If that is done change may be accomplished. The representatives of this country appear to put the continuation of their career before the welfare of the people they represent.

This is a sad situation, but I fear it is the truth.

February 18, 2018 at 1:14 am 2 comments


With the recent event on both sides of the spectrum of gun violence I am lost in sadness and anger. 

I could say I understand the sentiment behind ‘Black Lives Matter, but as a white man there is no way I can appreciate the tension the black man experiences walking or driving.

Our society has become a gun-toting society out of fear and hate.  I’m sick of hearing about mass murders, people of color killed and now those with the mission to protect us slaughtered.  Neither side is totally right or totally wrong.  After all we are human, prone to mistakes and anger.

What it comes down to is the problem of the acceptance of guns in our country.  Even when 20 six year olds were killed in Sandy Hook and robbed of their future, our government does nothing to change gun laws.  The massacre in Orlando resulted in the same result.  What does it take to make a change of us killing us?

There is a sickness in this country, one born hundreds of years ago and haunts us to this day.  In reality, there is more than one sickness and what can we do to cure the disease our society must cure to remain the nation we once were and need to be in the future.

I pray that someday the dedication to ‘Black Lives Matter’ would transition into ‘All Lives Matter’.

Am I a dreamer, or is there hope?    

July 9, 2016 at 8:18 pm 1 comment


Once again guns take lives,

Once again talk of gun control

Will fill the media,

And politicians will profess

How they will solve

The problem,

And once again,

Nothing will be done.

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Their ghosts rise

And no one listens

As they ask, “Why?”

January 29, 2016 at 10:30 pm 2 comments


They buy a mass the deadly rounds

And no one seems to notice

The anger deep within their eyes

Mass death is in their purpose.

January 28, 2016 at 9:19 pm 3 comments


My consistent readers,

My mind has been in a whirl since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.
I cannot imagine the thoughts going through the tiny children’s heads as they waited to be slaughtered.

I grieve for those little lost souls and for their parents.

For what it is worth, I wrote this poem.


The devil entered
And twenty angels
Destined for grace
Were slaughtered.

The devil entered
And twenty angels
Destined full lives
Were gone.

The devil entered
And still we doubt
The strength
Of the devil’s tool.

Until we know the devil
And the strength his tool possesses,
More angels await his calling,
We are all the devil’s work.

February 22, 2013 at 10:17 pm 2 comments


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