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have spent countless hours pondering the Big Bang.

I write science fiction and have for years been working on a short story, The Event, closely associated with the Big Bang.  Someday I hope to get it published.

Now, back to the primary subject.

I am not a Hawking, no one is, but I am still in wonder of what the hell happened at the moment of the birth of the universe.  Was this the first time this event happened?

Hawking proposed the Higgs boson as the culprit starting the process of the Big Bang.  The existence of this particle has now been confirmed.  This discovery is also referred to as the ‘God particle’.  There I feel science has found the mingling of science and God.

I have always wondered what existed before the Big Bang.  Even time should not have existed.  Then the entire birth of everything began.  I thought that matter could be neither created nor destroyed, getting that from somewhere.

If the Higgs boson started the Big Bang going, how did it produce matter from nothing?

Who created the Higgs boson?

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A daily practice of mine is to look at the weather forecasts.  Included in the facts are the temperature highs and lows associated with that date.  I sometimes dwell on the years these records were set, years when I did not exist.  Could I be considered dead on those dates?  Is the definition of death that interval before and after your existence?

What got me thinking of this topic was a quote I read a few days ago.  A quote of Mark Twain’s when he was asked if he feared death.  The great writer said, “I do not fear death.  I have been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

This quote sums up exactly what I have been secretly pondering for years.  But the part that bothers me is the ‘billions and billions of years’.

I have been both intrigued and mystified by the universe’s creation, the ‘Big Bang’.  What follows are questions I have pondered, and the more I learn, the greater my confusion.  What came before the ‘Big Bang’?  Did time exist before that colossal event?  For time is the interval between two events, and if there are no events, can there be time?  Time would have to exist while the three other dimensions had not come into existence.

As a side-note, I have been working on a short story, The Event, for some time now and the story is tangled up in the notion of  the ‘Big Bang’ and what came before.

As far as I know, the current theory speculates that the Higgs boson created the ‘Big Bang’, a particle which is able to create mass.  But what created the Higgs boson, a particle which had to exist before the ‘Big Bang’.  Just for a moment, let’s play with science.  We all know the existence of the formula E=Mc2  Now, if the Higgs boson created matter, did light exist at that time?  For, if light did not exist, E=M0 equals no energy or mass.  So how can mass be created if light does not exist?  Am I pursuing mind games are these answers known?

I’ve always thought of the ‘Big Bang’ as a combination of God and science, where physics and religion meet in a profound outcome.  Was Mark Twain, and us all, dead before life for billions and billions of years, or for infinity?

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I posted my poem, Phantasy, on ( they changed the title) and got a pretty good response so I thought I’d repost it for those new to my blog.

Perhaps you might be induced to check some of my other poems.

First published by New Worlds Unlimited in 1981.


Sickness pervades this cloistered sphere

this world he calls his own.

Mutterings leap with meanings unclear

crying a message unknown.

Shadowy thoughts revoke the day

God gave his hand, then turned away.

Come see the shell that isn’t a man,

muse at this poor wretched fool.

Look to his eyes a moment and then

Depart his mad vestibule.

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