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The more I read Barbara Kingsolver’s work, the more I become a fan. She has the great ability to providing information on global trends that may affect us all, speculating on their future impact possibly with earth-shattering results while weaving a page-turner of a story with individuals you learn to love and care for.

In her latest work, Flight Behavior, she does an admirable job in combining a topic of major scientific investigation and speculation, climate change, with a fantastic event, all the while creating characters whose lives intertwine with the events showing how the changing world can alter our daily existence.

I don’t want to go into the story in any detail for that would reveal the pivotal event of the book on which the story balances. I just want to encourage past readers of her work to read Flight Behavior and those who have yet to discover this talented writer, give it a try. You can’t go wrong.

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As I have mentioned many times in the past, we writers are observers and along with the observations, hopefully, goes a little thought. Along this line, there are times I find our society makes little sense, or should I say elements profess aspirations that they themselves don’t adhere to.

What sparked this piece is a bill I recently received that strongly suggested I ‘go paperless’. I have yet to ‘go paperless’ and strongly hesitate to do so because of all the hacking in the news. Sites guaranteeing they are safe, all of a suddenly find they are not. Or some loyal employee loses his or her laptop along with the vital information for millions of customers.

But what really has me confused about ‘going paperless’ is that the same company that suggests I do this also fills my mailbox with offers to purchase increased service or the opportunity to bundle service I don’t desire. And even though I fail to reply, which to me would indicate a lack of interest, the offers continue to come.

Am I the only one that finds this activity ludicrous?

I shake my head not knowing if it’s in disbelief or sadness, irony or anger.  

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