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For those rare individuals following this blog (actually, they are not rare as opposed to not vocal) I know I have been off purpose for some time, but the world is so fucked up I had to voice my opinion.  Will that stop, you can bet your ass it won’t.  While on this detour, I have been writing, submitting and been rejected. Some of the rejections were good with constructive comments on my work.

But now I am venturing into unknown territory, picture books. After picking yourself off the floor, and are assured there has not been some shift in the earth’s orbit effecting of its inhabitants, (that might be a story), this is serious stuff.

The work is Dragon Eggs, a cross between Dr. Sues and Roald Dahl. I cannot share it with you, although I wish I could, for once work appears online some publishers won’t touch it. Therefore, this piece must wait for acceptance. As we all know, that could be centuries, but I’m a patent guy.

Here are my initial thoughts on how a dragon appears, subject to change.

First size, huge, its eye is beyond the size of a standard window. The color of the mother is a mottled green and blue. The babe is blue. When fully mature, the dragons are green. This indicates that the mother is young.

The dragon’s babies and adults have huge membranous wings capable of flight. When not being used, the wings are tucked down on their back. The wings are a deep red.

The adults somewhat resemble a T Rex, but the front legs are longer and the snout is more pointed than the famous dinosaur ending with a blunt snout. Upon both opening the mouth, both adults and babes have menacing sharp teeth. And when the adult opens its mouth, there is an occasional puff of smoke.


That’s it. Tell me what you think. And for those who have seen dragons, tell me if I am close.



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I don’t know how or why this began, but it’s a series of children’s poems with more to follow.

If you know my writing you will know this is most out of character. In fact, in the near future I shall post the first chapter of a novel, fully written and currently being edited, which goes beyond horrific. For now, please enjoy these poems.






Dragon eggs, though very small

Will yield a beast surprisingly tall.

All it takes is a safe wet abode

To yield a monster oh so bold.

So if you find their eggs, it would set the world a shiver

With the awesome possibility the beast may someday deliver.

But if it’s near the dawn of the day

Take your find, then straight away

Invite your friends, but tell not what you found

And create a huge omelet to go around.




You’ve made your omelet,

A massive omelet

With good things deep inside,

Your friends all joined

But now they’re gone

Perhaps you better hide.


For left alone

To clean the kitchen

What is that smell of burning?

The ground is shaking, thump, thump, thump,

For company now you’re yearning.


A roar does sound

A mighty roar

And things fall off the wall,

A flame roars past the window,

Should 911 you call?


The house grows hot,

So very hot

A huge eye peers the window,

Seeking the eggs she made with love

The dragon’s come to find you.




She roars a voice

A mighty voice

The tell you of her anger.

You’ve done her harm

A mighty harm

With omelets to your favor.


They were so good

So very good

Good food inside your tummy.

But the dragon roars

A mighty roar,

That isn’t very funny.


She cries, “My kids, my kids are gone,

“Your evil killed my offspring,

“Who will replace me?

“Who will live on?

“What future does your kill bring?”


She weeps a tear,

A mighty tear

That tears your heart asunder,

The thunder roars, a mighty roar

How could you know her sorrow?


She loves her family,

Her now gone family,

Family love she cannot hide,

Her heart is broken, mightily broken,

With sorrow now you cry.








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