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This a suggestion is suggestion for a writing project, either a short story or novel. There is something terribly wrong this country and there seems no way to fix it. Perhaps if readers experience, through fiction, the hurt, the sorrow being caused in this country something may happen. This is not the same country I remember as a child. Life has somehow lost its value. The slightest disagreement could end in death. Not long ago there were two mass shootings, one right after the other. Congress was not in session. Mitch McConnell said any action to be taken could wait. I wonder how many people died while Congress waited. But let’s be honest. Any action taken by congress would have little or no effect in solving the problem of guns. Our president said he would strengthen the gun laws of this country. A visit from the NRA changed his mind. The events experienced in Philadelphia during the past few days highlight the gun problem. Recently there were three events which indicate what a vicious society we have become. A mother was holding her two-year-old daughter IN HER HOUSE. Shots were fired and the child died, hit in the head. Can you imagine in that instant the anger, the fear and the hopelessness that mother experienced? I cannot imagine the sorrow that mother will experience for the rest of her life. Her innocent child denied a future by a senseless act committed by someone with no care for life or property. But this event is in no way unique. Every day, in this country, there are people gripped by the same emotions. Close to the same time, an eleven-month- old child was shot four times while sitting in a car seat. That poor child is now fighting to remain alive. The next day there was an argument between a man and his girlfriend. Two men intervened and asked the man arguing to go to his car and cool-down. Fifteen minutes later the man existed the car and shot these two men, trying to help, dead. These days trying to be of help could cost you your life. Life has become so cheap with the increased availability of guns. The NRA strives to defeat any law which would create a safer society. Who supplies the NRA with the money to accomplish their purpose? Could it be the gun industry putting profit over? How can we change this loss of life in our country? We can change it with our vote. We must elect people who will represent their constituents and not the organizations throwing money their way. We must elect those who have never accepted a dollar from the NRA. I know this is an impossible dream but something must be done. So, I say to writers write your hearts out and maybe you will reach the heart of this country.

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There are still a percentage of the population of this country who still think our president is doing a good job. This is a frightening example of how many in this country have had lobotomies. Even more frightening, a percentage of this population have not.

This is a free country, for now, where thought and opinion is not regulated. But common sense should also have some value.l

August 27, 2017 at 2:03 am 2 comments


President Trump,

Would you object to someone grabbing Melania’s pussy?

Have you thought of or grabbed Ivanka’s pussy?

I understand you think Ivanka is hot.

January 21, 2017 at 10:06 pm 2 comments


With the latest developments, I sincerely hope those who still think Trump would make a good president have filled out their organ donor cards.

For surly, they are brain-dead.


October 8, 2016 at 7:19 pm 3 comments


I cannot express my feelings as eloquently as some of the fantastic poets I follow online.  I must come to the brutal point; this country is in deep shit.

Not only of Donald Trump and what he has accomplished in this election year.  Rather, it is because he was able to do what he has done.  The sorry state of our government is the birth of his success. 

The future of our country is in jeopardy of failure.

I thank God I am old.  


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Now Donald Trump is bad-mouthing Senator McCain for being captured during the Viet Nam war. I’d like to see Trump’s military record.

We all have freedom of speech, and obviously, the freedom of stupidity.

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I wrote this piece on a lark, not intending to publish it, only to amuse myself. It was ludicrous, and somewhat embarrassing, then the landscape changed.

Donald Trump, aka ‘The Donald’, not to be confused with the duck, has just announced his is running for President of the United States, ‘really this time’. How in the hell could you not really run for the most powerful position in the world?

I wrote the following piece some time ago, not thinking I would post it, but the comedy has begun.

God help us all.

I want to make clear the record before there is one. I AM NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. There, I’ve said it. There is not turning back. No matter how much money pours into my coffers from super pacs. But if anyone who wishes to pour money into my coffers, you can contact me through this blog. Nothing in politics is written in stone.

This declaration is made because of observations I have made. There have been has-beens, and others, with no chance of achieving the coveted goal of president. During which, they have obtained media exposure by making proclamations identical to mine.

Currently, I am an unknown author, possessing no skills required for the office. Exposure is the point of this declaration. This is the reason I have decided not to run for the office of President of the United States. If you think this is a joke – look at the list of non-candidates.

Stay in touch. Who knows, I may change my mind now that ‘The Donald’ is in the race. Somewhere I know, Pat Paulson is smiling.

To ‘The Donald’, at some point, I may not really decide not to run for president.

That should keep him busy for a while.

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