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While attending a dinner with a friend, his wife said, “Glad you have a hobby like writing.”  My then-wife saw me bristle and understood why.  This incident occurred some time ago but not forgotten.

At the time of this event I had already been published and aware of the agony associated on being a writer on the quest to being an author.  I have pondered the issues of writing and differences of the title as writer as a hobby or writer as a profession and arrived at the following conclusion.

My thoughts are these.  As I went for putting words on paper to attempting publication,  I felt writing could no longer be deemed a hobby after experiencing the rejections, multiple times of my work.  After some thought, I realized writing can be a pleasant pastime; that some write for the sheer joy of the experience.   Never seeking publication, only enjoying the mind wandering to places they would never have considered.  Simply enjoying the process of creativity. 

Writing is a hobby until you decide to publish.  It is then you crossed the Rubicon.  There is no going back.  You crossed the line from hobby to profession, and God help you.  For unless you are extremely talented, a writing gem hidden from the world, you will most likely experience rejection.  The words you consider magnificence will push upon the brick wall of reality.

But if you goal is to become an author you will experience a level of doubt and rejection you never anticipated.  But someday, if you carry on, your work will find a home and you are on the road of being an author.  The difference between writer and author is perseverance.

You made it!

You’re an author now and the years of writing as a hobby are behind you.


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We had the book signing on Valentine’s Day.

With approximately ten authors, there were more books than signings.

Insert my favorite phase from Kurt Vonnegut.

I would like to thank Erin Cupp for her great organizational skills and my good friend and fellow writer, Sherrie Palmer, for arranging for the Atglen Public Library for holding this event, , providing an opportunity to meet area writers.

My daughter, Lynn, was in attendance along with her boyfriend, Tyler and his son, Tripp, who scored a book and a handful of bookmarks. Use them well trip.

Atglen is a lovely little town, with a smattering of Amish riding in their buggies. If you are in the neighborhood, visit the library. Ask for my book, New Moon Rising, they now have a copy.

For those who missed the event and want to purchase my work.

Here are some links where you may purchase my work.

Melange Books

Barnes &

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