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This world, this country, unfortunately has provide endless material for writers of fiction and nonfiction sorry, but I cannot help but think and express my thoughts. I know this blog is meant to aid writers in their journey to publication. At the same time, we writers must address the world.

In the future I will address these sites with details and how they can help

your writing experiences.






A powerful tool for finding publishers for nonfiction, fiction and poetry.

Also lists markets for visual arts. Their latest added category is agents. Costs $50 for a year’s membership.


Has markets for speculative fiction, science fiction.

Children’s Publishers Directory

If you want to publish for children, here is a good source.




Association of Author’s Representatives is the most trusted source of literary agents. These agents will not charge to read. If an agent does charge of read your work, run don’t walk away.

Agent Query


Absolute Water Cooler

A site to question other writers who have dealt with publishers or agents you are considering. They tell you of their experiences with these organizations.


Aid for Writers


This is a site for writers to connect with readers, and readers to connect with writers. Join, it’s free. You may have to explore this site to find i

Savvy Writers

This is another website for writers. Explore and find what you want. It’s free.

Manic Readers

I have used this site to get a free, honest review. Join this site. It’s free. To get a review you must be published by a publisher. No self-publishing. I have not recently looked at this site, but they apparently charge for reviews. This puts me off for if you pay for the review would be honest? Or will they give you a good review so you come back. It’s your decision.!!

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For those of you seeking a publisher, one of the first steps might entail finding an agent. For many publishers, the only way to approach them is through an agent. Agents are, to a great extent, the gatekeepers for publishers. They make their money from a percentage of the income generated by your book so an agent will not take on a book unless it has potential. If you don’t make money the agent doesn’t make money.

As in every profession, there are members who are less than honest. First, you should NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER pay for an agent to read your work. If the agent has a reading fee run like hell. Another more the nebulous con is that the agent agrees to represent your book but suggests that it needs edition. This could be a valid suggestion. However, the problem arises when the agent suggests and editor with which they have a prearranged agreement. With the suggestion of an editor, this could be an honest evaluation or a scam. I strongly suggest you do your homework. That’s where I hope to help the writer by a series of posts giving you sources where you can check on the reputation of agents and also publishers.

This initial post will introduce you to the Association of Authors’ Representatives (a.a.r.). This organization has a strict set of standards which their members must follow. One, of course, is not charging a reading fee. Use the link I have provided to explore the organization. You will find you can query by genre, agent’s name or agency. This is a useful tool in your search for an agent. Next: Predators & Editors.

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