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My consistent readers,
Here’s an opportunity to win a free copy of my novel, New Moon Rising.
The giveaway is being conducted by Goodreads, an excellent website for both readers and writers.
My next piece will go into greater detail about Goodreads, but for now, I thought some of you might be interested in giving this a shot.
Here are links to my free book plus a host of others.

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As promised yesterday, my friends, here is a story about motherhood but totally inappropriate for Mother’s Day.
Let me know if you are curious and I’ll send you the full story.


May lay deathly still, listening, as her two daughters, Joan and Heidi, searched through her belongings looking for treasure. Joan was the first to speak, “I hope the old bat dies before the end of the month. That would save us a month’s rent.’
Heidi answered, “Quiet Joan, she’ll hear you.”
Joan replied, “Are you kidding? She’s toast. Even her doctor can’t explain what keeps her going.”
May Connors, age 62; lay dying in her bed in the small bedroom of her apartment in the assisted living wing of The Towers Nursing Home. She appeared as a corpse ready for burial, her face ashen and her jaw slack. Only the rare rise and fall of her chest brought home the fact that her withered body still harbored life. Cancer had ravaged her physically just as cruel circumstances had ravaged her existence. At one time her life was full of promise. Now she had nothing, nothing but the cruel words of her daughters that seared into her brain.

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First, I would like to wish all those moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. I was going to post a short story, my only story that specifically is about a mother. But I felt it would be totally inappropriate and in poor taste. So I’ll post part of it tomorrow and see if anyone is interested in seeing the rest, FOR FREE.

In the meantime, here is a taste of another short story already published. Pardon the pun.
If anyone would like to see the entire story, just email me at
I promise you that all you will receive is the rest of the story. The only thing I ask is that if you enjoy the stories, tell your friends about my blog.
Here is a taste.


Will’s bedroom was cast in shadows by the moonlight filtering through the window. Lying next to him was the naked body of a young woman. With her lips slightly parted, she appeared as if she were in a gentle sleep. He face, framed by short blond hair, was at peace. Her body was perfect, fit and trim. He knew she was dead. It was not the first time this happened and he knew, with disgust and resign, it would not be the last.
He had met the woman in a bar. They had returned to his apartment, both intoxicated and undressed for a session of lovemaking, but Will’s desires were much different than the girl’s. Will felt excitement as he entered her then his gaze fell to her neck. Lowering his head to that delicate neck was the last thing he remembered. He blacked out during the thrill of intense feeding. Before the feeding, Will felt an attraction for the girl, and for the short time they were together, he fought to keep himself under control with the fleeting promise of companionship. But as the alcoholic must have his drink, in the end, Will’s desire to feed won out.

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My consistent readers,
In a few days I will post a snippet of a short story. If you are interested, you can email me and receive the entire story.

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This is a pitch I am using to gain interest in my novel.
In the future I shall post some sample chapters.
Before that, however, I have much to share with you.
If you cannot wait to read those chapters, let me know.
I am extremely flexible if there is interest.

Name: Walt Trizna
Title: The Beast Awaits
Genre: SciFi Thriller
Word Count: 80500

A population of illegally harvested embryonic stem cells harbors a primordial cell the existence of which is unknown to the scientific world. This cell has the ability to become any organism once exposed to that organism’s specific cellular nutrient. One cell will give rise to a beast the likes of which mankind has yet to encounter and this beast will devastate the planet.

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My consistent readers,

I am about to embark, with your help, on a new endeavor.
I am a writer, a solitary person, and not a salesman. However, in today’s publishing environment, one must be both. Using my blog, and with your help, I offer to you the opportunity to read my work, and if you find it interesting, recommend my work to others.
In the future I will be offering snippets of previously published stories. If you are interested in reading the complete work, all you need to do is email me and I will send it to you free. You may ask why not post the entire story? I have in the past and gotten no feedback one way or another.

Here is my email address;
Subject line; Story request
I don’t open email without a subject and this way I will know the email does not contain some hidden agenda.

I will post chapters from my novel, New Moon Rising, published by Mélange Books.
You will also be able to read some of my unpublished work. I want to share with you chapters of my novel, The Beast Awaits, trying to gauge what interest there is and what the future might hold for this work.
Unpublished short stories will also be on the menu. If you are interested you can receive the entire work.
As you can see, I want my work to be read and see what interest it generates. With my work and your help we can make this experiment successful.

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My consistent readers,

As promised, here is a piece of flash fiction published today by Bewildering Stories.

There is more truth here than you can imagine. My dream world is alive, but maybe not so well.

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