What is happening in Houston few of us will never comprehend unless we experience such a disaster. There are so many stories that need to be told, here are some.

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I know I promised to begin posts about writing which is the purpose of this blog. But my mind is ready to explode with what is happening to this country. Please forgive me for venting some pressure.

I have read stories of those who died trying to help relatives and friends during Hurricane Harvey. These are the true Americans, not the ones gaining exposure on the news with acts not even close to what this country was meant to represent.

Those who gave their lives for others with no want for publicity are more worthy of our attention and praise then those who represent everything this country is not.




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No matter how this county is fuc#ed up, there is still hope.

Americans still care for each other even if those who pull the strings of our lives don’t.

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It is getting tiring.


I have no doubt this will be labeled ‘fake news’.  All I can say is that our nation is in trouble.

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Some time ago I told you that I had a story accepted by Cemetery Moon. I recently received word that the story, He Flew Away, will be published close to Halloween. As a preview, if you remember our infestation of stink bugs on the east coast, you might enjoy this story. After the story is published I will provide a link to purchase the edition.

I also want to tell you that my good friend and published poet, Steve Kupferschmid, has had a poem accepted by The Aurorean, a magazine published in Farmington,ME. If you enjoy the poetry of Billie Collins, you are in for a treat. I will keep you updated on these publication.

I know, after promising to write about writing, I have let you down. It’s just that there is so much happening to this country, I cannot fail to have an opinion.


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There are still a percentage of the population of this country who still think our president is doing a good job. This is a frightening example of how many in this country have had lobotomies. Even more frightening, a percentage of this population have not.

This is a free country, for now, where thought and opinion is not regulated. But common sense should also have some value.l

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This post may cause me trouble, but we old people are not always right but we do have opinions.

I am distressed about the current trend, due to compassion and sensitivity, to remove the statues of Confederate figures. I will not deny that they represent a terrible part of our history of slavery and the attempt to tear our country apart.

But it did happen, and for better or worse, it is part of this countrie’s past. Are we to deny the future generations of this country to know we were not always right, and through extreme bloodshed, righted a wrong? A wrong which still persists to this day with not accepting no matter who we are we are all citizens of this great country. But I feel, because of present day circumstances we a spiraling on a downward road.

We sanitize everything these days; what happened happened and there is nothing we can do to change the past. We owe it to our future generations to know we were not always what we should have been.

Lastly, I often think of the men who participated in Pickett’s charge. The goal they wished to accomplish was far from right, but who can deny the courage those men displayed. And look into that history. Would anyone of you reading this piece haAve the courage, the guts, to do what these men did?

Finally, whether it is right or wrong, you cannot erase history. And as is often said, if history is not known it will be repeated.

Hope I haven’t stepped on too many sensitivities of my reader, but this is something I felt compelled to day.

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