March 6, 2014 at 7:52 pm 1 comment

I’m becoming increasingly paranoid and trying to determine if this is a sign of the times or do I harbor a developing problem?  As an aside, this frame of mind tends to produce story lines.

My paranoia began, or at least intensified, during the most wondrous time of the year – Christmas.  I received, in the mail, a ‘free’ calendar, and a great calendar it was, with each month represented with a photo of an historic aircraft.  In keeping with the season, I decided to send some money as a thank you for which I was provided a handy form to indicate the amount of my donation, or what I would rather consider to be a gift.  I was happy to compensate them for their kindness and helped support a worthy organization.

And then it began.

I received another calendar, envelops already conveniently stamped for my immediate return.  Stamps which I immediately salvaged.  I was even sent a dollar bill.  Now they were donating to me so I would donate to them.  The calendars came this year too, but no stamps or money.

I also began receiving requests from organizations I had never heard of.  I could support a squad of soldiers, wounded warriors and the Ronald Regan library.

Had my magnanimous contribution led to this flurry of opportunities?  Had the dollar I received in the mail represent one of the many dollars received for selling my name and address?  And if I contributed to another organization, would I need to purchase a larger mailbox?

I no longer donate.  And by the way, I have enough address labels to last a few lifetimes.

Now every time I hear of an opportunity to receive free information or to help some worthy group such as the one that begs by having an obese guy standing next to parasite riddled and starving children, I hesitate.  Am I paranoid, seeing a plot to make money in every call for help leading to an endless plea for more of the same?

Am I alone in these visions of plot and fraud?  And whom do I pay for all these sinister plots this paranoia provides?

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  • 1. sherriepalmer  |  March 7, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    It seems like a lot of charity organizations spend a fortune on frivolous things like address labels, calendars, free gifts etc. Makes me wonder how far a donation goes to really helping!


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