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As my readers know by now, I’m a news junkie.  But that is not the only type of junkie I’m guilty of being, no there are no track marks involved.  I’m also a weather junkie.

Long before the weather channel morphed into broadcasting weather related series and documentaries, it was all weather 24/7.  I would watch the weather channel for hours, back then.  Now, I rarely tune in.

I’ve lived in and visited a great deal of this county.  I enjoy knowing the weather in those locations so I can picture what the area looks like under the current weather conditions.  Also, there are places I have yet to visit but I’m drawn to their weather.  On a winter’s day, look up the weather in Fairbanks, Alaska.  I see their weather and imagine how life is and endurance test compared to the weather conditions I experience.  My imagination grows muscles in pursuits such as this and that can only help a writer.

So what brings me to this piece?

As I sit here the sky is blue and the sun is out.  Tomorrow it will start to rain and then snow.  By Monday night we may have twelve inches of the white stuff.  This will be about our thirteenth storm of varying size this winter. (Read my poem, Snow, at this point and then please return.)

Currently California, after a prolonged drought, is being deluged causing mud slides, and also causing growth which will provide fuel for fires which will set up mud slides etc…  As Kurt V. would muse: And so it goes.

I know a great deal of this moisture will eventually find its way back to the ocean from where it came, but there’s a hell of a lot of water that stays behind, water absorbed by the parched earth and coursing into rivers.

I should mention at this point that one of my novels I am currently editing and hope to publish, The Beast Awaits, has a significant weather component.

Now back to this piece.

Global warming, or the term becoming more popular, climate change, is responsible for melting vast amounts of ice, at both poles along with a host of other historically ice-bound areas.  Due to this melting, we’re told that the level of the oceans will rise so many inches in so many years.

At the same time, storms seem to becoming larger and more numerous, think Hurricane Sandy and Katrina.

I wonder if anyone has done the math correlating the increasing storm activity and the vast amount of moisture involved against the rise in sea level due to melting ice.  As a side note, I see all kinds of plots here perhaps worthy of a story.

That leads me to genetics.  See how my mind works.

I read an article some time ago where a question was posed: Is the evolution of man still taking place?  The answer was: Yes, and at an increasing rate.  How is that possible?  Advances in our knowledge make it possible.

Think of the advances in medicine and our genetics.  To an increasing extent our abilities are cancelling out the natural law of Survival of the Fittest.

Consider the progress made by medicine and genetics where flaws in man can be cured or deleted.  But who determines what a ‘flaw’ is?  That is the rub and as we gain more and more knowledge in the control of these aspects will determine the course of our future.

For those who have read this far, I’m about to tie this all together.

Look in the mirror.  That’s what ties it all together.  We tie it all together.  We have a profound influence on the weather.  A growing body of knowledge examines human activity and how it relates to climate change along with an awareness of how to alter our activities to slow that influence.  But here’s a reality check: How can billions of us exist of this beloved rock and not cause a change?  Sure, we can perhaps slow it, first we have to believe it, but change is inevitable.  This planet has undergone fantastic change in its history without our help, now those changes are increasing with our input.

Same thing with evolution.  We evolved along the bumpy road of time, but now with our hand in the mix and with our increasing control, who knows what lies ahead.



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