a somewhat less than a modest proposal…

April 19, 2020 at 10:11 pm Leave a comment

I wish the values described in this piece were not thoughts of our government.

Read Between the Minds

quite a simple plan
sacrifice all old people
to balance budget
let them all get the virus
thus reducing tax burdens
since that would decrease
the earned retirement payouts
though they’ve sacrificed
the economy’s foremost
so your grandparents are toast
however government
can channel funds to the rich
making them richer
and social security
will be a thing of the past
as for young workers
they’ll continue servitude
just making ends meet
crushed grains of humanity
beneath the grindstone of greed
bright side there’s no need
to fatten up poor children
to feed the wealthy
since food will be plentiful
without those old folks around

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you’d better show the proper respect or else… pangloss goes to washington…

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